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Updated by Petra Fyde, September 2009
  • Glassblowing is a skill that can only be learned by Grandmaster Alchemists
  • This skill does not cost any skill points, and has no effect on the skill cap
  • To learn how to craft glass a GM Alchemist must read the book “Crafting Glass with Glassblowing”
  • The book “Crafting Glass with Glassblowing” can be bought from Gargoyle Alchemists in Royal City, Ter Mur .
  • The book costs about 10,000 gold
  • The book will be destroyed after it has been read by a GM Alchemist
  • To create glass items, you need to use a tool called ‘Blow pipe’
  • To create glass items, you must be near a forge
  • Blow pipes can be bought from Gargoyle Shopkeepers for a few gold pieces
  • Blow pipes do wear out, just like pickaxes and shovels
  • Some items can be changed in color by using an interior decorator tool on them
  • Sand is mined by miners on beaches.
  • Only weapons made with Glassblowing may carry a maker’s mark
Decorative Glassblowing Items
Item Sand Success Rate
Empty bottle (for potions) 1 95%

Small flaskChanges color and direction when turned
2 95%

Medium flaskChanges color when turned
3 95%

Curved flask
Changes color and direction when turned
2 90%

Large flask
#1Changes color when turned
4 85%

Large flask
#2Changes color when turned
5 80%

Bubbling blue flask
5 80%

Bubbling purple flask
5 80%

Bubbling red flask
7 80%

Empty vials
Can be turned with interior decorator
8 70%
Full vials
Can be turned with interior decorator
9 70%

Spinning hourglass
The interior decorator will stop or start it
10 50%

Runed Prism
8 50%

Empty Venom Vial
1 95%
Floor Mirror
Ter-Mur Style Floor Mirror
20 50%
wall mirror
Ter-Mur Style Wall Mirror
10 60%


Other Glass Items
Item Resources Success Rate Exceptional chance
Glass Sword
Glass Sword
14 sand 90% 45%

Glass Staff
10 sand 92.8% 47.8%

Soulstone Fragment
2 Crystal Granules;
2 Void Essence
60% nil

Workable Glass
10 sand 90% nil

Last modified: June 26, 2013

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  1. Dorrian, GM Alchemist says:

    Dear Petra, Could you please advise where can be Gargoyle shopkeepers found now or where else I can buy the blow pipes for glasbowing? I am unable to enter the Ver Lor Reg City, it seems to be blocked (due to exodus in May?). Thank you very much in advance. Dorrian, Drachenfels.


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