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The Alchemist – The Basics
Alchemist Welcome to my lab! So you’re interested in alchemy? Well of course you are! Who wouldn’t be! Everyone needs potions! From the lowest Thief to the greatest Samurai, they all come buy my potions. Why? Glad you asked! Because my potions will help you stay alive longer, hit harder, swing a weapon faster, and can even make you disappear into thin air! *chuckles* I see I have your interest. *opens a big well used book* Here you will find most everything you will want to know…
Tools of the Trade

Let’s start with the Alchemist tools. The most important tool is the mortar and pestle. mortar and pestle You can buy this tool from a non-player character (NPC) Alchemist at any Mage shop. You can also craft it if you have tinkering.

The Alchemist also uses empty bottles, empty bottle and the potion kegs. Potion Keg You can buy empty bottles from an Alchemist at the mage shops or you can make them. See the glassblowing section for more information. Kegs you won’t be able to purchase from an NPC, but a tinker can make them.

Making Potions

Make sure a mortar and pestle and an empty bottle are in your pack. Double click the mortar and pestle. This will bring up a menu of everything that can be made. But be warned, just because it’s listed doesn’t mean you can make it. If you’re not sure, click the box to the right of the item you want to make. It will tell you the skill required, your chance at making the item and the materials and/or the reagents needed. If you don’t have a mortar and pestle handy, you can also find this information here along with a description of what each potion will do.

So you’ve got your tools, the reagents you need and you’ve made your first potion. Now what? At this point you have a choice, you can continue filling empty bottles, or you can fill kegs.

Filling bottles is a good option. Your filled bottles will stack, so you could have a stack of 300+ Greater Heal Potions but they will only count as one item in your bank box or house.

Kegs are great if you plan to sell your potions, and they also look cool. Each keg will hold 100 potions. To fill the keg, drop the filled bottle onto the keg. Don’t worry, the bottle won’t drop into the keg but the potion will. Once you have that first potion in the keg, every potion (of that same kind) you make after will go into the keg until it’s full. Note – you must always have one empty bottle in your pack. To remove potions from the keg, double click the keg. Again, you must have empty bottles in your pack.

Unlike filled bottles, you can’t see what’s in a potion keg unless you cursor over it. But you can dye your potion kegs using a furniture dye tub.

Potion Recipes

There are three potions and one item that require the alchemist to obtain a recipe. These include invisibility, parasitic, darkglow and a hovering wisp (which is a decorative item). To obtain the needed recipes, go to Heartwood or Sanctuary and complete one of the tinkering crafting quests. (Note – expect to do the quest many times before you receive one of these rare recipes.)

Gaining Skill

There are many different methods available, but the general idea is to make potions below your level and as your gains slow down switch to a potion that requires more skill to make. While you are working this skill, there are two things to keep in mind.

First, what are you going to do with the potions you create. Use them? Sell them? If so, choose potions that you or others can use. These would include; greater agility, greater cure, greater heal, total refresh, greater strength and deadly poison. How well deadly poison sells often depends on the latest pvp trends.

The second thing is cost. Some want to make the cheapest potion possible. Below is a chart of the different potions most often used to gain skill and the cost to make each.

Cost per Potion when Successfully Made
Potion Regents Min Skill Cost
Agility 1 Blood Moss 15 5
Agility (G) 3 Blood Moss 35 15
Cure (L) 1 Garlic 0.0 3
Cure 3 Garlic 25 9
Cure (G) 6 Garlic 65 18
Explosion (L) 3 Ash 5 9
Explosion 5 Ash 35 15
Explosion (G) 10 Ash 65 30
Heal (L) 1  Ginseng 0.0 3
Heal 3  Ginseng 15 9
Heal (G) 7  Ginseng 55 21
Nightsight 1 Spider’s Silk 0.0 3
Poison (L) 1 Nightshade 0.0 3
Poison 2 Nightshade 15 6
Poison (G) 4 Nightshade 55 12
Poison (D) 8 Nightshade 90 24
Refresh 1 Black Pearl 0.0 5
Refresh (T) 5 Black Pearl 25 25
Strength 2 Mandrake Root 25 6
Strength (G) 5 Mandrake Root 45 15


Making a UOAssist Macro

Double clicking a mortar and pestle gets old quickly so here’s how you can set up a ‘make last potion’ macro using UOAssist.

Click on the Macro tab.

uoAssist macro - step 1

Click record, double click your mortar and pestle and select ‘Make Last’. Your UOAssist macro should now look like this:

UOAssist macro step 2

Stop recording. Right now your macro is looking for a single mortar and pestle, which is going to break. We need to change this macro so that it will look for and use any mortar and pestle that you have in your backpack. To do this right click on the phrase ‘use item’. This will bring up some more options:

UOAssist macro step 3


Select ‘Use Item Type’. If you are not able to select this, recount resources by pressing the ‘Num Lock’ key on your key board. If you still are not able to select this, try choosing ‘reset item’ and targeting a different mortar and pestle. Once the item is reset you should be able to change this to ‘Use Item Type’.

Now that your macro is made, you will need to assign a key to it. Go to the Keys tab, scroll down to find Play Macro 1, choose a key for it and finally check the ‘Pass on to UO’ box. Done.

UOAssist macro step 4

Need more help?

Then the UO Botany and Nutrition Forum is the place to go! On this forum you’ll be able to ask questions to other UO alchemists and get the answers you need.

Another place is the Alchemy section of the Stratics Item Catalogue. This section will tell you what each potion does as well as to what is needed to craft it. You might have noticed that a few of the potions (and the Hovering Wisp) require a recipe. You can get the recipes from the Empty Bottle, Tinker Tool, Clock, Wind Chime, and Barrel Tap quests in Heartwood. You’ll find the portal to Heartwood in the middle of Yew.


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