Skara Brae Welcome Wagon

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Skara Brae Welcome Wagon
Once upon a time, a player named Reepacheap acquired a small plot in Skara Brae just North of the town bank. He set the house up as a quick check in spot for new and returning players to get reaquainted with Sosaria.
Veteran players took turns stocking the community house with needed supplies to help other players along. It was not the drop off depot for junk items, nor was it meant to overwhelm anyone with lots of gold and arties.
When Reeps decided to move on from our world, he left the house to me. I in turn asked our wonderful Event Moderators, Aname and Autolycus if they would like to take it over to make sure it became a true community house instead of a player ran one. With Mesanna’s blessing the house was turned over and put in her name but due to a strange quirk, the next day the house had fallen and another player had placed. It was perfectly acceptible and no ill will against him for enjoying the small spot close to town.
Patience has payed off however and this past week the spot once again became available. Autolycus pointed this out to Mesanna and she once again has placed another community house for all to use.  We hope you enjoy Mesanna as the new owner of the Community Welcome Wagon home. It is guarded over by an Image in her likeness sitting on the balcony to observe us all. She has also placed three teleporters for quick access to EM related events. The Magical Tower in Moonglow, the EM Hall of Fame and the Britain Councelor’s Guild in Britain.
The house is designed with Reeps goals in mind once again. There is a book to greet everyone walking in to help players get started. We hope you hop by and check it out! There is much to be accomplished yet that requires the community of players to contribute to.
The Community House will mainly provide books on each different skill set. Some have already been started but there is much to do! The house currently needs veteran players who can help with guides to lock down for players to read. It also needs Scribes to copy books so players can have one handy in their backpacks as they train. There is a bulletin board placed in the stairwell for new players to help each other out with supply and demand. For instance, a cook needs cooking pans that a new tinker can help make that a miner can help supply ingots for.
Will you be willing to help?
All you need to do is take a tour of the house and look at it from a new player’s perspective. Tailors can help with some lower level armor. Runebooks to areas of intereset and great places to train will be needed. Seeds for gardeners can be dropped off in the seed box. Advice can be offered and personal journals can be donated. There is something for everyone to offer.
Many thanks to our EMs and Mesanna for making this house possible!


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3 Comments to “Skara Brae Welcome Wagon”

  1. *hugs* all happy campers here :)

  2. Spike,

    You were perfectly in the right so please never fret over it. It is why we did not bother you over it. You are a wonderful member of our community and I visited your house often and fought by your side on hunts :)

    Having the house replaced was something done simply because we could. It was not waiting out some evil foe, hehe. I hope I did not convey the wrong message in the post. My goal was simply to give a lil bit of history. I will gladly change it if you like. *Hugs*

  3. hello i was the one who obtained the skara house when it fell.i called to make sure it was legit and they gave me the clear . i waited for a week for the em to msg me and i never heard back.i tried to pay the house forward but everyone said it was to small :(.so we just let it glad it is returned to a previouse state.I just want you to know i would have givin that house back in a split second had u msged me :).ty for letting us enjoy that lil plot while we did but its better off a commute house as it was never used by us enough :(.