Cleansing Waters

January 27, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

A spirited group of Legends travelers led by Armondo Pascal have created a vaccine for the infestation of the Bal’Thron Scales.  Over the past few days several ingredients were gathered in an effort to create a substance to combat some of the effects of the Bal’Thron Scales.  Teyrn the Mythical Healer of Jhelom introduce some ingredients and instructions that could help create this substance.

Armondo and his pup Franchesco led the group on a rather long journey by foot to a location in the solen hives west of Trinsic.

Inside the cave was a large instrument or mill that would be used to create the curing substance.  Those who successfully gathered the three ingredients dumped them into the instrument and they were mixed together.   Armondo used some of the substance to cure the crowd and mixed the rest into a small pond next to the mill.

After the journey the group gathered at a distant beach where they enjoyed their accomplishments and were honored as Defenders of Jhelom.

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