Skara Brae to be Aided and Defended by Paxlair Statehood and Alliance

February 23, 2012 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

Community Center, Skara Brae, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – February 21, 2012– by Winfield – During PaxLair’s weekly meeting, Governor Winfield announced his intention for the PaxLair Statehood and Alliance to aid and defend Skara Brae during the recent crisis. This crisis started a few weeks ago with protesters, rioters, and raiders disrupting the peace in Skara Brae and other cities in the Realm. The people in the meeting supported the governor’s plan.

The PaxLair Statehood consists of the cities of PaxLair City, Dragons Watch, PaxOku, and Nidaros. The PaxLair Alliance adds the cities of Gyldenfeld, Pitmuck, and Aryslan.

“We will have a three dimension approach to defending and aiding Skara Brae,” Winfield said to the growing crowd in the Community Center. “First, this will include aid to the people here who need food, clothing, and goods. Second, we will defend Skara Brae’s land, shores, ports, and nearby seas. Third, we will assist the Skara Brae government as desired by its mayor.”

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PaxLair Meeting discussing Aid to Skara Brae

Winfield appointed Mayor Zanku of Nidaros to be the emissary to Skara Brae. Zanku is charged with keeping the Statehood and Alliance informed of trouble or brewing plans for trouble, keeping the Skara Brae government informed of relief and assistance efforts, and help lead efforts for the three dimension approach.

PaxLair plans to hold its future weekly meetings at the Skara Brae Community Center on Tuesdays at 9 PM ET, possibly for the duration of the crisis. The PaxLair Alliance will also hold events and activities in Skara Brae to increase public morale, patrol the high seas, bring individuals to justice, and set up aid stations. Lady Phoenix of Dragons Watch outlined several event ideas. The first planned events are Friday (Feb 24) at 8 PM ET at the Community Center to defend the seas and take other actions in Skara Brae as needed. Then, a fund raising and morale event will take place in the Skara Brae pub on Tuesday (Feb 28) at 8 PM ET before the PaxLair meeting.

Governor Winfield also made it clear that law and order must remain intact in Skara Brae, thus implying that the PaxLair Statehood would help the Skara Brae government arrest, try in court, and if needed convict and execute punishment on usurpers. Detectives will be needed to help follow the trails of such usurpers and bring them to the Skara Brae court.

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Governor Winfield meets with Mayor of Skara Brae

In a brief interview after the meeting, Winfield said Skara Brae held strategic importance to PaxLair, it’s Statehood, and the Alliance. “Skara Brae and its surrounding waters, ports, and farms are vital to Nidaros and Gyldenfeld nearby to the east. It is also very important in protecting the high seas in the area. Skara Brae has long been a shining star in the Realm promoting Spirtuality which is derived from truth, love, and courage. The rangers of Skara Brae have always helped us on the roads and in the forests. Skara Brae deserves our help now.”

Immediately after the meeting, Governor Winfield returned to his office in the Mage Tower in PaxLair City. He then signed an official PaxLair Statehood decree to form a Sister City relationship with Skara Brae. This is printed here: PaxLair Decree Regarding Crisis in Skara Brae | PaxLair Times.

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