From The Sparrow’s Nest – February 24, 2012

February 24, 2012 By: Lady Laurel Category: The Sparrow's Nest

     In my journeys I have heard so many people question and speculate about the portion of Central Ilshenar that has been blocked off by landslides.

I was finally able to overhear a few people talking about it, and this is what they were saying . . .

@Jeff_Skalski any chance we can have ilshenar back 2 normal? If not, can we at the very least get an explanation for why it is this way?

— @Name RFP February 23, 2012

@Jeff_Skalski In UO There is a large area blocked off in ilshenar! Could we get a statement as to why? The Indians are getting restless!

— @Name RFP February 23, 2012

@Name RFP @Name RFP It plays a role in our anniversary live story arc that is currently going on. More to be revealed in the coming weeks!

— Jeff Skalski (@Jeff_Skalski) February 24, 2012

I then talked to the gentleman about it, and got a little bit of news, though a bit vague . . .

@Jeff_Skalski Any ETA on when we will be able to access Central Ilshenar again? and maybe a hint as to why it was blocked?

— @Name RFP February 23, 2012

@Name RFP Soon and by soon I mean a few weeks. 😉

— Jeff Skalski (@Jeff_Skalski) February 24, 2012

Another conversation some birdies were chirping about was oversees purchases from Origin. There has been many problems with the stores, and it seems like they are trying to get it resolved. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

@Jeff_Skalski Are there any plans to add UO items to the EA/Origin store for Australia and New Zealand? EA – NO High Seas, NO SA upgrade = no players, what does it take?

— @Name RFP February 23, 2012

@Name RFP Yes, there appears to be a bug and we’ve notified the team who runs the site to address several of the items not appearing.

— Jeff Skalski (@Jeff_Skalski) February 23, 2012

And finally something for those that long for the days of old, though it may not be what you want to hear . . .

@Jeff_Skalski I would like to put to rest is classic shard going to happen in UO? This question keeps popping up once in a while!

— @Name RFP February 23, 2012

@Name RFP I have no plans to do a classic shard at this time.

— Jeff Skalski (@Jeff_Skalski) February 24, 2012

There is more traveling in my future, so until I get more news to share, I bid you all adieu.

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