Search for the leader of the raiders…

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*Posted with permission from the author Shadow Riter

My Carrier pigeon arrived late Tuesday evening. As I expected it was from Daniel.
I got out me decoding book as I had yet to master all the complex codes Daniel used.

Come out Thursday. Meet at our usual clandestine spot. Do not be late.
I felt good about that. I packed up my classroom essentials and was ready for whatever Daniel threw at me.

When I arrived I found a nice place to sit with ample room at a table. Daniel soon entered the room.
He looked around cautiously and once he was satisfied locked the door. He then started to speak.

“I have been asked by Amonos to help find the one who is inciting the raids in the cities.” He looked right through me and I felt a shiver go up my spine.
Ansatsu Shouted out, “I heard someone talking about a Jenny when I was out gathering information.”
“Jenny You say? “
Moxxi was quick to nod.
Chocolate Moose added “Didn’t we lock up a couple Fake Alchemy prodigies? They seemed to know something.
Daniel agreed and we set off to torture and interrogate – erm – I mean question them politely.

The Alchemists we captured some time ago were in the Nujel’m Debtor prison. As soon as they saw us they started their protests and rants.

Let us out you have no right to detain us.
yes let me out
You have the wrong people
WE did not start the riots.

Queen Mum did not agree and informed them that we had not found any evidence to prove their innocence.
“It was the other woman!” Stated the skinny one.

Perhaps if you Tell us what you Know. Give us a name, suggested Charly Don’t Surf

“It was that other woman. Something with a J or Jen”

Then they started to argue with each other

“I want out the food is bad”
“All you think of is your gut”
“No I want freedom”

“Freedom comes at a price” added Miri, hoping they would come back to what was being asked by us.
“Talk or we will make you talk” Rylo was happy to add.
I do not remember

Rajesar Wej grimaced and added “Remember or stay in here and rot. Seriously Daniel can’t we make them tell us?”
At that, the one squeaked. Seems the way Rajesar scowled at her was enough to get the name Jenny out of her.
“We need more than that.” demanded Goumon as he honed his dagger.

“She was very pushy. Said she was going places” The fat prisoner was ready to talk but the skinny one was not going to let her have the last word.
Well I am not staying here if she is getting out.

Daniel stared at them. That piercing look that rattled your bones. “No one gets out until you tell us where.”

“Ilshenar some city there.” They were talking at the same time now.
“Go on, where exactly?” Hatshesput added. She was not planning to walk all over Ilshenar with all the trouble to be had there.
“maybe a meer city?” again the skinny one squeaked.
“Are you sure a meer city?” Venekor asked. “Because If not I am coming back for more questioning.” He gave a knowing look.
They both nodded quickly and we head out as they cried …. “Hey you promised to let us out!”

“Not until we know you have lead us straight.” said Daniel.

We traveled to Ilshenar by way of the public moongate system. After arriving in Compassion we headed North then west until we found the Meer town. It was peaceful and healers were walking about enjoying the warm sun.

“Hello” Lady Trixie said as she approached a kind looking woman in healer robes.

She nodded and smiled at us
“good healer we ask your help” started Maethoriel.
“How can I help you?” She seemed puzzled “ You are neither injured nor sick.”

“No ma’am.We are hale.” Neptune and Orion flexed their muscles while Jinx rolled his eyes at them.
Jinx then got to the point. “Have you seen a human here. perhaps causing trouble?”

She seemed to be in thought. ”We have seen much trouble lately. There are many strangers here. There are treasure hunters and looters around the ruins of the Juka fortress and Exodus. They sift all day and tempers flare. We see many who are hurt from fights that could have been avoided.”

“Maybe a woman with reddish hair?” piped in Lord Clint.

She raised a brow. “please remember that there is much unrest here now. Some in Britain blame the citizens of Ver Lor Reg and gargoyles in general for the events in Britain, despite the actual details of the riot. These angry citizens have been causing all kinds of trouble both here and in Ter Mur. These actions have stress relations with Ver Lor Reg. On top of that the conflict and strife between our people and the Juka continues.
Yet wait.
A Woman was here. Her name was Jenny. She kept to herself mostly. She looked a bit tattered.
Let me think. —–Where was Jenny heading?

Said she was heading to Britannia. Yes said she was going to hit all the Virtue towns.
She left for Yew about an hour ago.

We thanked the healer and head to Yew after politely turning down her kind offer of rest. Yew was my City and I was not going to wait for it to be in ruins again.

The raiders were very unorganized when we arrived. The town guard seemed to be keeping them down.

We quickly looked for signs of the red haired Jenny. As I passed the healers I spotted a piece of torn gown. It matched the colour that the meer healer had described Jenny wearing when she fled.

Around the back I could hear shouts of what… victory? I scooted around to see a woman being dragged by Meanie Monster and Neptune. They held her up to be seen by all.

“Hello Jenny” smirked Daniel Ravens. He was enjoying her discomfort.

Jenny eyed the rabble with distain and looked ready to bolt.

Daniel shook his head. “no… no…Stay there we have you surrounded. Why are you so nervous?”

“No real reason. Large crowds make me uneasy.” spat Jenny

Daniel was going to try to get info in a sneaky way. “Do you know a couple Alchemy prodigies in Nujel’m?”

Jenny laughed. “Is that what they claim to be? HA! They could not make a potion if their life depended on it.”

Daniel was calm. “So you know them?”

“I know OF them.” She stressed the OF.

Daniel felt he was getting somewhere.”Why do you know of them? They are not famous. He raised a questioning brow.

“This is ridiculous”. Jenny snorted “I was in the city when they were taken. I do not have to answer to a group of scruffy.“ She was staring at us. “What are you anyway? Thugs? You are not Guards.”

Daniel was grinning now. “No we are not guards. We are just looking for work…
We were hoping you could tell us how we could sign on with *he looked about then whispered* you know your raiders?

“My Raiders?” Jenny played her innocent role well. “I don’t think so. Why would I trust you?”

“Look at us.” Remarked Ansatsu “You said we look like thugs. We need work Hard times and all.”

Jenny took a moment to size them up, “hmm, you need to see Clarence. I do not know where he is. Perhaps in Skara?” she grinned evilly

Daniel sighed “so you can not take us to him”

“No .” Jenny shook her head. “He might be in Jelhom *grin* or Trinsic. You will have to look around.
And you did not hear about it from me!”

Now Daniel seemed smug.

“Grab her Katrina and Moxxi.We take her to the jail for further questioning.

We all escorted Jenny to Yew Prison. Venekor had pulled out an old oil rag and stuck it in her mouth. He was about to tie her arms when a knife seeming from no where appeared in her hand. ABA noticed the flash and yelled “Knife!”. As the words left his mouth, Maethoriel grabbed Jenny’s arm and quickly disarmed her.

“How dare you handle me like that.” Screamed Jenny. “I trusted you. I am not staying here!”

Daniel pulled his mouth in a strange grimace. “We will feed you from time to time.”

Then he looked at us. “We will report to Amonos our findings. He will let you know what is to be.

Ignore her. Come over here for a moment.

I have other business now. I suggest you check out the other towns and find this Clarence person and report back.

I kept a watch over the cities. It seemed we must have angered the raiders as they came with a vengeance over the next few days. I wondered if the turmoil would ever stop.

I talked to Amonos a couple days later. He had Jenny moved to join her friends in Nujel’m where she will stay until we find out more.

~Shadow Riter

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