[EM News] Ver Lor Reg Prepares to Evacuate

May 16, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Ver Lor Reg Prepares to Evacuate
EM Sangria

The high council of Ver Lor Reg was in session – again. As usual the main focus was the increasing numbers of Exodus overseers and treasure hunters. It was odd putting exodus overseers and humans into the same category, then again, perhaps not so odd.

In times of plenty, the treasure hunters going through Ver Lor Reg to get to the Exodus dungeon entrance would have been a boon. But these were not times of plenty. Supplies were extremely limited so the treasure hunters bought as much as they could in Ver Lor Reg. Even more treasure hunters were now coming to Ver Lor Reg to sift the sands outside their beloved city. There wasn’t enough for all.

“We must bar the humans from the Exodus dungeon and our city to prevent further damage!”

“That would start a war! The humans have greater numbers!”

“I’m surprised we are not already at war with the humans after Killibrut’s attacks on them using those Chaos Minions.”

This comment silenced the room.

“Has Killibrut been seen since?”

Again, silence.

“Very well, send the humans a message informing them that Killibrut has been made an outcast of Ver Lor Reg for his crimes against them. They may do with him as they wish.”

This decision didn’t fly well with many of the gargoyle council members present, but all of them knew they needed the humans’ help. The Ver Lor Reg gargoyles were at war, with the Exodus machines. The majority of the Ver Lor Reg citizens had already left, but those who remained behind would need to be evacuated. Yes, evacuated. The Exodus machines were winning this war. There were also supplies, documents, art, historical artifacts and other items that needed to be moved and transported.

“Also, send a message to Queen Zhah saying that we accept her offer and would like to meet as soon as possible to make final arrangements. In the meantime, prepare the city for evacuation.”

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