[RP News] Magic and Science: Of Pirates and Hookers – Part 1.

February 22, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Of Pirates and Hookers: Part 1.

Tonight we gathered at the Lecture Hall of Northern Britain, to continue our search for the missing Ren.

For those who missed Thursdays Class, the Healer of Vesper bid us go in search of a former student of hers, a metallurgist whose talents she would need for a coming experiment. We traveled to the Warriors Bounty in J’helom, where we discovered his sister, Machin, and a journal. (Copies of this journal have been discovered on the bodies of anarchists and radicals who have been violently protesting in Valoria, adding a sinister undertone to an already unfolding mystery.)

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The Journal’s last entries record how Ren, a Blacksmith of some renown, had been commissioned a set of 50 Platemail suits. Enough armor to fund a small army. His patron, a taciturn and unnamed man he refers to as “Sir,” chose to remain with Ren and his sibling until the order was complete. The man was cold, callous, and when the neighboring forge suffered as a result of an arson attack, he demanded Ren lock the shop and not leave it until the order was complete.

When it was completed, Sir disappeared. And so did our metallurgist.

Hoping to find clues elsewhere, we visited the neighboring Armory, and met a Venessa, who informed us that the man who had died in the arson was none other than Fortuno, a friend and apprentice of Ren, who had also been a Gypsy, and her paramour. She mentioned that Fortuno had come from the land of Ilshenar, the Gypsies of Compassion Vale, and that we might find more about Ren there.

We arrived there to discover an old man, who did not take kindly to the presence of Silverbrook and Peter Tarrant. He revealed himself the father of Fortuno, and railed against the outsiders that had took his son from him. Proserpina wanted to skin him. Fern wanted to seduce him…

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…It was not until the arrival of Lance Marshal, dressed in the gleaming armor of his order, that the Gypsy calmed and offered a bargain. He would offer us the location of Fortuno’s sister, a soothsayer and oracle who might know the location of the missing Ren, if we would do him this one favor: Put an end to the Pirate’s that had been raiding the Gypsy Camp.

We returned to the Healer, who told us to rest. On Saturday, we would gather again, and she would lead to Penny the Pirate Wench, a woman famous for her sharp words, dominance over men, and hook for a hand.

Get it? Hooker. Hahaha! I amuse myself.

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