Noteworthy Persons – The Yattering

February 22, 2012 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

Noteworthy Persons – The Yattering

Kai Schober

22 Feb 2012 11:46:10 EST

If you have visited the shard Baja you might have encountered a quite original being called The Yattering. With Mesanna’s help we were able to address him, ask him some questions, and get away without getting bitten – although he was constantly eyeing our notice book. Here are his answers:

How do you keep your teeth so sharp?
Mama say “no more bitings.” yatter gnawing guardy bones now.

How do you like living in a tree?
loves yattertree!

Can you tell us what it was like being part of the town guards and why you quit?
no quit! yattering best guardy ever! ON OR! coooo-rage! doo-teee!*

[*Yatterese for Honor, Courage and Duty. The editor]

If you were to have a pet what would it be?
yattering want a Seppy-pet! Mama make a Seppy-doll for yatterbed please?

People seem to either love you or hate you, do you know why that is?
no Mama. yattery adorable! how no lovings me?

Where did you live before you came to Britannia?
yatter was livings in Abyss. they say yattery annoying.  big demons toss yattery out.

Where is the rest of your family?
demons throw yattery out. no family but Mama now. yattering have gobliny-friends though. missings Bom Evilstench.

How did you become Mesanna’s Pet?
was bitings knees as faire. bit Mama. Mama bite back. LOVE!

What do you like to do that you enjoy the most for fun?
makings fire, bothering guardys and killing Seppy. *cackles*

We have noticed that you like collecting Guard items of clothing, which ones are you still missing?
needings pair of looker-helpers from funny-eye guardy.

If you could do anything in this world what would you like to do?
cuddling Mama while she kills everyone with herd of super-killer fire-breathing greater paragon ice cows of death.

How much money did you make in your kissing booth that was a part of the Fall Festival?
yatter get ball of yarn, chewed cookie, and kissy from very ugly boy. yuck!

What do you feel is your most valued possession of all your treasures?
yattery cuddles Brackybones when Mama no here.

Is there any truth to the rumor that you can’t handle your spiced holiday Cider?
*hic* juice makes world do spinnings, yattery walk funny and fall out of tree. no likings fishys either. make yattertummy sick. only yatterberry brandy and yatterfish no make sick.

Last but not least is there anything you want to tell us about yourself so everyone can love you as much as I do?
people thinkings yattering a gobliny. no gobliny. yatter a demon! everyone should love yattery! Mama kill ones who don’t! *cackles*

PS: mean peoples take all yatterberry bushes away. Mama make one grow for crunchys and munchys? Also Mama turn Godivy into pink squirrel? *cackles*

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