[RP News] Kingdom Under Fire: Violent Tremors Shatter the Kingdom of Dawn

February 26, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Violent Tremors Shatter the Kingdom of Dawn

A series of violent tremors have shattered the once tranquil Kingdom of Dawn.

The earthquake struck sometime after midnight. Trees were uprooted. Walls collapsed. Buildings that had long stood the test of time collapsed inward on sleeping citizens. Those outdoors at the time were swept out to sea as a massive swell emerged from the Bay.

High Senator Fern and the Order of the Red Ankh [R*A] has been dispatched to the Kingdom. Aid also comes from the Sovereign Order of Queen Shieba [QSA] and the New Magincian Trading Co. [NMTC]

The dead are still being recovered from the ruins.

Grand Duchess WildStar – co-regent and commander of Dawn’s Magi – has vowed to rebuild the northern kingdom stronger and more glorious than before.

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