[EM Event] Consequences

February 26, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

Neil walked back to the Counselor’s Hall on his way from the adoption pen.

Sherry and Dacil were right. The citizens were more than happy to help gather up all the strays and contain them. Many were already on their way to new homes, the rest would have homes very soon. It had been a triumphant evening.

But as Neil walked over the bridge he smelled something odd. He shook his head and thought nothing of it, until he smelled it again, even a bit stronger. He went to the side of the bridge near the land and nearly fainted.

Piles of debris and trash was gathering under the bridge. In the piles, he thought he saw movement but wasn’t sure. He walked off the bridge and towards the bank of the canal. Taking a closer look, he quickly jumped back. Indeed things were moving in the canal.

Neil decided he better have a look around the city and as he approached each bridge he found the same problem… debris and trash gathering along the shores. Removing the cats and dogs had lead to another problem, the pests and vermin that they normally controlled were getting out of hand. But there were some cats and dogs left, but apparently not enough to curb the ever growing problem within the debris.

He shook his head and headed straight for the Counselor’s Hall, The Guildmasters were not going to be happy about this at all!

Neil thought to himself as his pace quickened after seeing something slither to the side, “I hope Dacil and the others will be willing to help again.”

Meet Dacil Dalgrin and Justicar Neil at Empath Abbey on Feb 28th @6:30 pm PST (9:30 pm EST)

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