[RP News] Imperial Fist of Britannia Occupies Sea Emporium

November 18, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News, Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance

Imperial Fist of Britannia Occupies Sea Emporium

Word has reached us that the Imperial Guard of Britannia has occupied the Floating Emporium in Trammel.

This action comes as no surprise to most. The Consortium sits on the edge of contested waters Magincia claims under its sphere of influence. The soldiers – who have instituted a sort of martial law – can be seen marching up and dock the docks using their artillery batteries to intimidate merchants and trade ships.

Though not all are so easily cowed.

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It should be noted that Councillors Fern Goodfellow, Magdalena and Charlotte Christianson voted against the measure.

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