QA5 – Michael “Misk” Armstrong – Software Test Lead

November 18, 2011 By: Kylie Kinslayer Category: Ask & Answer

Michael “Misk” Armstrong


Software Test Lead


For those of us who don’t know, what has your “career track” been with the gaming industry?  

My career track in the gaming industry had been mostly playing them.  Quality Assurance for UO is my first job in the gaming industry.  Prior to our move to Virginia I had worked for an accounting firm back in San Diego.


What project that you were involved in are you the proudest of?  

I would probably choose The Stygian Abyss expansion as I was involved in testing that project from day one after the move to Virginia.  As this project was my first experience in QA it definitely holds a special place for me.


I think most of us understand and respect Dev’s having to remain tight lipped about upcoming content etc. However, when it comes to past content only, what was the hardest thing for you to personally remain tight lipped about?   

Smooth boat movement (period). When I first saw smooth boat movement implemented and started testing it, I am pretty sure that I uttered the words “Holy crap, this is freaking awesome!”  After spending years fishing and doing MIBs with the old choppy tile by tile boat movement I actually had the “Dang, if you all only knew what is coming down the pipeline” moment.


When it comes to the current team, who is the practical joker of the bunch and have they gotten you? OR What was your best retaliatory strike against “the joker”

I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing.


When you are not chained to the desk working, what do you enjoy doing? 

Spending time with my wife and pups, nearly anything baseball related and playing various video games.

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