[RP News / Fiction] “There Be Pirates.” The Chimera Raids Britannian Merchant Ships.

September 14, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

“There Be Pirates.” The Chimera Raids Britannian Merchant Ships.
Valek Typhoon

Word has reached us that no less than eight ships – 6 Britannian Merchant Galleons and 2 Warships – were lost or captured this morning.

Survivors of the incident claim to have been assaulted by a crew of dark skinned pirates in control of a dragon. The loss to Crown Traders and Merchants is reported to be rather …substantial.

“Batten down the main sail!” The voice of the Captain roared over the waves. “we’re gaining distance – vere port! prepare to broadside!”

Three hands readily followed the orders, the middle aged man, Ian, hired on as pilot twisted the wheel to the captains commands. While Argis a man hailing from the desert island of Nujelm, manned the Port side cannons. The third, Brighton, a soldier for hire picked up from the Magincian docks readied his potions and broadsword.

But the final member of todays crew was curled up at the base of the mast. A creature that at first look seemed to be a pile of sinewy ice and snow. If it weren’t for the bursts of freezing breath exerting from two black holes one would think it were just that.

Two piercing gold eyes opened to meet the captains, a hidden message between the two as though telling the dragon to ready itself. The Wyrm unfurled from its position, standing as tall as the mast of the Chimera.

“Boys we’ve let these sea’s be calm for far to long. Let them know – There be Pirates! Let the people know The Chimera rules these waters!” The captain called to his men, being met with a harty cheer before the cannons rang out.

The merchant ship was fast, at tokuno skitter one frequently used by these Britanian merchants, its speed was top notch but that was all the ship had going for it.

“Argis Fire!”

You can read the entire piece here.

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