[EM News] “Terror in the Night.”

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Terror in the Night
EM Seppo

Aldrich, shivering from the cold night, stood in the middle of some nondescript ruins. Scratching his head, he looked around lacking the memory of how he had reached there or where exactly there was. The nearly full moon in the clear night sky failed to reveal any other person.

“Haaiiil, anyone out there?”

As he walked forward, the sense of the cool grass made him realize that he was not wearing his boots. Quickly, reaching to his side, he found no sword either. He cursed to himself as he thought about explaining the loss of his standard issue sword to his superior. Deciding that any such future explanation is the least of his worry right now, he scanned the ground to look for something he could use as a weapon to defend himself.

You are safe, young guard. Atleast, for now…

Jumping back, Aldrichlooked up in the direction where the hoarse voice had came from.

Whose there? Reveal yourself!

Reveal myself? Soon, but I doubt you would fancy that.

Suddenly, a mist started moving into the ruins with an unnatural speed.

You and I have much to talk about, young guard. I have tasks for you that need to be done.

Taking a deep breath, Aldrich puffed his chest to put up a show of bravado,

I demand that you reveal yourself.

He continued, before his voice cracked from fright,

Tasks, what tasks? I am a Royal Guard of Britannia, I don’t perform tasks for voices cloaked in the dark.

By now, the mist had surrounded him completely. It was so thick that he could barely see his own hands. Just then, he was gripped by his shoulders, and something whispered in his ears in a most foul voice,

STUPID BOY! If I wished, I could break you into half right where you stand!

Then, pushing him to the ground, the thing screamed at him seemingly from every direction…

RUN NOW, but I will return. You cannot resist me forever.

Scrambling up, Aldrich ran as he jumped out of his cot straight into the wall of his very own room.


Groaning, he found his entire body soaking in sweat. Forcing a half smile, he tried to convince himself,

It’s quite alright! It was only a nightmare!

Little did he realize, that at that exact moment, several others across the known lands were waking up with the same nightmare.

Note: This fiction begins the new EM event arc on Baja. Over the next several months, keep an eye out for events that will test the resolve of all. Tentative dates of September events related to this arc are:

Saturday, September 3rd, 3:00 PM PST

Wednesday, September 14th, 8:30 PM PST

Saturday, September 17th, 3:00 PM PST

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