[RP News] Creatur Featur: The Search for a Medium

June 30, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Creatur Featur: The Search for a Medium

A week has passed since Alouenikah, the rather porcine consort of Lindae Seiren of Umbra, sent out a request to aid him in the search for his husbands(?) soul.


We met Ifan Shafiri in New Magincia, where he requested an escort to his dilapidated demesne on the edge of Umbra. There he explained that Lindae’s corporeal form had been …reconstructed, but the mans spirit would need to be recovered from it’s wanderings before the creature is lost to the Void. Ifan had enlisted the aid of a Drow medium, but the artist and psychic had chosen to escape his …indentured servitude and continue his other passion in the forests of Britannia. If we hoped to find him, we would need to follow the art.

(OOC: It was here that Ifan directed us to a notebook placed on his table. The notebook contained a password. Posting this password in the thread, Sketchbook, unlocked a hand-drawn portrait, leading us to the next location and clue.)

We found the Drow locked within the depths of the Orc Dungeon. Apparently the Greenskins thought he was a virgin, and deemed him an appropriate sacrifice to their “Blood Gods.”


Nicholas was the first to arrive, but before he could split the Drow open, High Councillor Fig and James, the assistant to Fern Goodfellow arrived to help the virgin sacrifice back to Umbra.

The Medium promised to summon the spirit of Lindae in appreciation for his rescue. The event continues this coming Thursday, July 5th at 8:00 PM PST.

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