Results: Survivor Man – UO Style (tram version)

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Posted with author EM Sangria’s permission from the Sonoma EM Events website…


Players were asked to meet at the Councilors hall in Brit naked,  empty backpack and no mounts – Sunday (1/08) at 6:00 pst.  Here’s what  happened:

On one side of the room we had the Red team!  On the other side, we  had the blue team!  Drafty robes were soon forgotten when the gates  opened and they were off!

The first task for each team was to stay alive and gather the resources needed to take on bigger badder critters!


Each  team had two chests, one unlocked with basic items.  And one locked  (and trapped which Ansatsu quickly learned) which contained some luxury  items such as pots.

Now to gather resources for armor and weapons.  Killing critters in  drafty robes is quite the challenge and I was amazed at the different  methods that were employed.

We have LESTAT’s method of Holy Light and wrestling mongbats to death.

There’s the pixie, wither and beat the thing down method…

At this point I see the above message.  I had to go and look.  When I got there all I saw was….

A bunch of dead spawn.  Looks like red might be in trouble.

Putting regs to good use, bees and evs were summoned

Also the pixie, tree form, holy light, bare butt and *gasp* using a spear method…

Finally the let’s use everything we’ve got to kill them fast method.

Leather  was in serious short supply.  Blue team lucked out – sort of – and  found a stash of living breathing leather.  Now to umm harvest that  leather.

Bye bye drafty robes! Hello dashing warrior! *giggles*

Next, each team had to search the nearby dungeon for a moongate and  get their team through it.  This proved very tricky since the dungeons  had nasty critters and the moongates were in ummm inconvenient  locations.

Red team stuck together and found their moongate.  Blue team had  scouts, missed the room with the moongate, got separated and fled the  dungeon.  One scout found the moongate and brought the rest of the blue  team, alive and dead to it.

Both red and blue teams found themselves in Despise where it was a  short jog to the entrance where a white banner was waiting to be dyed by  the first team that made it out.

Which turned out to be the red team.  Both teams headed back to the Brit Councilors Hall to swap stories.

Along the right side of the above screen shot are the names of the winning red team.

Congrats everyone!

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