Recap – What Doesn’t Die & Neon Knights

June 20, 2012 By: Kylie Kinslayer Category: Atlantic News

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind I thought I would cover an event without too many of my words getting in the way…..


We began,


How would we be able to help him in decoding the signals? Yusef spoke of a man who was an expert on Golems and all forms of mechanical life and asked if we would find him.



With that the Professor gated us to Krett’s last known residence. Immediately upon arrival some in the mob found a clue to his current whereabouts. It seemed Krett was holed up in the Mushroom Cave in Ilshenar. Would we encounter any resistance along the way? Early indications from scouts the evening before had already answered that question.



What would happen when the dreaded Paragon Gargoyle Stomper ran across the gang of travelers?



Would we be able to overcome the beating and find Krett? Yes.



Would that be the end of the violence? When have travelers assisting Professor Yusef in any capacity ever been that lucky?



After much fighting, we were able to get Krett out of the Mushroom Cave alive. Understanding they were dispatched to kill him Krett promised to assist Professor Yusef immediately. Before thanking us for saving him, he posed a question to us all.



All in attendance were left to ponder and await Professor Yusef’s return for another round. However prior to the Professor’s arrival a lone apparent suicidal Neon Knight approached. Well… as suicidal as a Neon Blue Skeleton can be.



The Neon Knight called for reinforcements but the sheer number of and skill of the volunteers there made rather quick work of them. The good Professor showed up as the last one hit the floor.



Equipped with his Krett approved newly adjusted detection device buckler, we shoved off to the entrance of Ver Lor Reg. Many apologies to you here, but the only pictures from the initial battle would be from that dreaded monochrome screen. It appears Exodus Necromancers like the taste of Kinslayer flesh as they kept feasting on it repeatedly.


In honesty I missed what seemed like an epic battle at the edge of the desert. Neon Blue Exodus Golems, Neon Blue Exodus Grizzles complete with acid pools of equipment blaze and death awaited those folks who were able to continue on at that time. I can only imagine the bloodbath that ensued.


The Professor pushed on and continued to take readings as he led us to Exodus Dungeon where we were met by not only Exodus Minion Lords and Captains et al, but also the dreaded Paragon Exodus Dragon….



Battle weary, exhausted and bank accounts drained a little, the followers were glad when the final enemy dropped to the ground with a resounding thud. They eagerly awaited gates back to The Lycaeum to find out what the Professor had learned. Based on all the readings he took ….



Professor Yusef also believes that is why Exodus wanted the city of Ver Lor Reg. He never had any interest in enslaving the Gargoyles again; only in rebuilding himself. One can only imagine what evil Exodus intends to unleash if or when he accomplishes that feat.


Until next time, safe travels and rest up. There are more battles are around the corner. 



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