Rebellion in Britannia!

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Rebellion in Britannia!

Page Information  By:  Petra Fyde

All over the lands the town guard captains are telling the same tale. When interviewed the town guard of Skara Brae told us

The citizenry of Britannia are beginning a rebellion, and we must do what we can to maintain order.
Many of our poorer brothers and sisters are protesting because they cannot earn a living in these hard times. Gifts of money, food and clothing would go far to ease their fears.
Some of our citizens have begun to riot. They have crossed the line and are causing destruction! There are too many of them for the city guard to handle. Please, take this rope and use it to arrest the rioters, and return them here.
The rioters are starting fires and leaving trails of destruction behind them we deperately need your help putting out the fires. Also, cleaning up the garbage would certainly be appreciated. (to put out a fire or pick up garbage, double click)
Groups of raiders from other cities have been infiltrating our city and attackinginnocent citizens! These vagabonds must be stopped. Use spell and steel, or set your dragons loose on them if need be.
Slay the raiders if you must. However, you may attempt to subdue and arrest them. If you do so they must be returned to their home city. Our jails are overflowing!
Our coffers are empty. The city cannot offer you any reward other than our thanks. Word of your deeds will spread.
Be wary, though, Britannians are turning against each other. If you try to lend a hand to everyone, all may end up hating you. Right now your loyalty means as much as your assistance!

We must rally to support our towns!

  • We must clear garbage
  • We must give gold/food/clothing to the protesters
  • We must put out the fires
  • We must arrest the rioters
  • We must subdue and arrest the raiders and return them to whence they came.

By doing these tasks we shall demonstrate our loyalty to the town of our choice. Be sure to heed the captain’s warning, to aid all towns and show loyalty to none may result in your being the enemy of all!


The Kijustsu Anei Community will Protect and Defend the City of  New Magincia. Protesters, Rioters and Raiders began Attacking Port Ethereal Keys Citizens, Homes and local Establishments.

The Kijustsu Anei Community is now “In a State of War”


Guard Captains and rope chests can be found:
Britain – Guard Tower (Cat’s Lair)
Jhelom – Guard post by The Morning Star Inn
Minoc – Town Hall
Moonglow – Wooden hut by Moonglow Academy of Arts
New Magincia – Magincia Dock
Skara Brae – Town Hall
Trinsic – Trinsic Jail
Vesper – Vesper Dock
Yew. – Court of Truth entrance

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