Solen Matriarch Quest

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The Solen Matriarch Quest
Quest Overview
Description: Kill 7 enemy Solen Infiltrators and refresh the water supply for the Solen Matriarch.
Starting Point: Solen Hive, Center.
Items Required: A Plant Seed*, 8 Pitchers of Water, 2-200 Zoogi Fungus.
Time Required: 10-20 minutes.
Reward: 250-350 Gold, 1-100 Powder of Translocation and the Friendship of the Hive.
* This item is only needed sometimes.



The Solen Matriarch quest is started by talking to the Solen Matriarch, which can be found in the center of the Solen Hive. However the Matriarch is not too willing to talk to those she doesn’t know, so if you do not hold her friendship you will have to offer her a small gift in order to talk to her. Luckily the Matriarch has a weak spot for plant seeds and for just a single one she will offer you a chance to gain the friendship of the entire Solen Hive.

The Matriarch will give you two small tasks to complete in return for safe passage through the Hive and a little something extra. The first is to kill seven of the enemy Solen Infiltrators and the second to replenish the water supply, because their normal supply has been poisoned.

To find the Solen Infiltrators, there are three places you can go. The entrance to Wind, the southeastern part of the Trinsic Jungle and the Windemere Woods northeast of Vesper. At those places you can find both Solen Infiltrator Warriors and Queens, both kinds will count, so just kill seven of them. While you are killing the infiltrators you might as well collect some Zoogi Fungus from the corpses, so you have something for the Matriarch to convert when you’re done.

Solen Water VatsOnce you’ve killed seven of the infiltrators you should go find 8 gallons of water to replenish the water supply with, a normal glass pitcher holds about a gallon, so you’ll need 8 of those. Pitchers of water can be bought from most Innkeepers if you don’t know anywhere else to get them.

Now return to talk to the Matriarch and she will tell you what to do with the water, pour it all into the large vats in the southern part of the lair. Once that is done, go talk to the Matriarch again and she will offer to convert some Zoogi Fungus to Powder of Translocation for you. She will convert up to 200 Fungus into 100 Powder. In addition to the conversion she will also give you a few hundred gold pieces and make sure none of the Solen on the facet you’re on will attack you, at least not unless you attack them first.

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