Questing: Classic Quests

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Questing: Classic Quests, an Overview
The quests designated as ‘Classic Quests’ pre-date the introduction of the quest system of Mondains Legacy and have several pertinent differences. 

  • You may only undertake one classic quest at a time, attempting to take a new quest while having an incomplete classic quest in your quest log will result in a dialogue box with no quest offer.  In order to take the new quest you must either complete or resign the current one.
  • The classic quest log is accessed through your character’s context menu and is entirely separate from the newer quest system.
To communicate with classic quest npcs use the context menu and select ‘talk’ starting a classic quest
quest offer This will open a quest dialogue gump: 

scroll down to read the full text of the message.

As you complete each section of the quest an update icon will appear, double clicking it will open a gump with further instructions: updated
context menu You can also check your progress through the quest log, accessed from your character’s context menu:
Quests which use this format include: 

by Petra Fyde

Last modified: March 27, 2011

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  1. The halloween quest was a short term event and is not currently running. These pages only cover permanent quests.
    Odds and Ends can be found here
    typing ‘odds and ends’ into the search box top right under the heading ‘Search this site’ will find it too.

  2. sandra callahan says:

    Im looking for the halloween quest where ur reward is a halloween costume and also the quest called Odds ands Ends. I cannot find it anywhere in stratics. HELP PLEASE!!!!!


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