(Player News) The Fishing Council of Britannia (FCB) Atlantic Fleet Sets Sail!

August 14, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

It is a day to rejoice my fellow Fishermen. The Fishing Council of
Britannia [FCB!] is unfurling it's sails onto the high seas under the
leadership of Krasnog, the Legendary Fleet Captain, and all ye Fishers
are welcome to join us!
If you have a moment, let me explain how I have arrived in your lives.
It seems like only yesterday that as a young child I held my first
fishing pole on the docks of Skara Brae. It was my father's will that
I lead a life of catching fish like him and his father before that.
The family legacy as it was spoken. All because of some foolish
prophecy that crossed plots with legends of old… that a great
fisherman would one day find his way into another world. One of the
other mystical shattered gems of immortality.
Along the banks of Skara I learned to fish, and there my father
continued to tell me stories of a Sosaria, and a Chesapeake, and an
Atlantic. I was in Chesapeake, a mirror of Sosaria he would explain,
and although I called it Britannia it held the same name to others in
a place called Atlantic. I always took his stories to be a weak means
to pass the time as we searched the elusive big fish.
A crazy ol' fool I called him… until that stormy night after one of
our famously popular Net Tosses. As Fleet Captain of FCB, we had such
glorious days, cherished moments, and kindred friendships with guild
mates that would last more than one lifetime. It was on the sail from
the Maginicia Docks that I discovered in my ship's hold... one last
net to toss in the water. At the time I thought nothing of its strange
hue… an odd shade from the spectrum that I had not seen before.
As is with most great fishermen, curiosity was bursting from my pores
so I tossed that net into the water. But a Kraken I did not catch, for
it was Sosaria that caught me. I wish I could tell you in detail what
happened, but in all honesty all that I remember was water engulfing
my ship, and me along with it.
When the water washed away, as quick as it overtook me… I found myself
on the shores of Moonglow. A kind rancher, Nick, took me in and nursed
my weakened body back to health. It was there on Moonglow that the old
and wise Mages were able to confirm my suspicion. In ancient scrolls,
there indeed existed a prophecy of a great fisherman, who would cross
the shards of immortality. And to my disbelief, although my crossing
seemed instantaneously… 55 years had passed in Britannia.
After accepting my destiny, I learned that Atlantic had a Fishing
Council as well. But many years had passed since its fleet had sailed
the waters. I then understood what my father had dreamed for me… to
lead a Fleet in another world… to be a part of something that united
all the shards of that shattered gem.
And so there on the isle of Moonglow, I have rebuilt the FCB fleet.
With the aide of the neighborly ranchers, we have built a home and
even ships to rival those of the previous fleet. The sea is not the
same as there are new waters to explore. The ships are more powerful.
The air is different with names of new individuals. The monsters of
the deep are ferocious as ever.
But my friends, one thing has not changed… the Fishing Council of
Britannia is here to master it. Come one.. Come all… the Atlantic
Fleet is setting sail once again!
Fleet Captain
Fishing Council of Britannia [FCB!], Atlantic

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