[EM Event] Atonement for the Past

August 14, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Atonement for the Past
EM Crysania

The stranger called Jebediah sat holding the note in his age gnarled hands. His face was lined with furrows of age and a work worn life.

He had not wanted to get involved, no more than he could carry out what was asked of him. It had been years since he had made the rash decision to join the Shadow Lords as an assassin, and even though that time had passed, he was still sought out as one to seek when deeds were to be done.

Shaking his head, Jebediah stood up with a groan. His old bones creaked and crackled with the effort. There was not anyway he could see himself doing what was asked, nor did he have it in his spirit to do so.

He regretted his actions from the past. Perhaps it was because of his age, he sought to make atonement for his past.

Throwing the note into the fire, he made made up his mind. The note had asked for him to meet others that would agree to join him in a assassination attempt. He would meet with them, but not ask them to send anyone to their death. Instead, he would ask them to help protect the one that the Evil one wanted dead. In this perhaps when his time came to leave this realm, he would lie in peace.

Gathering up his walking stave, he went out the door, headed to Buc’s Den. A small smile creased his aged face, and his eyes shown with a new brightness.

(OCC- You can meet with Jebediah tomorrow 8/14/12 at Buc’s Den. He will ask if you are willing to help him in his deed. You must find out where Jebediah is hiding. You will be asked to prove your worth)

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