[Player Event] UO BINGO – Saturday February 2nd

February 02, 2013 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

Hall Of Players
41N,24W Malas Road
7-8 PM EST
Saturday, February 2nd

Say the word “Bingo” to the Steward at the center entrance and a Bingo Card (a book) will pop into your backpack. The title of the book is your bingo card number. Numbers will be Called over the comm system so fee free to explore all 4 floors of the Hall while you play bingo. Note any number called that matches one of your bingo card numbers.

When all 5 numbers on your card have been called, Scream “Bingo!” and run to the Caller, located on the first floor by the center entrance where you got your card. The Caller will verify your numbers and will pay you.
Winnings are courtesy of Wacasasa: One million gold for winning the first game, two million gold for winning the second game & three million gold for winning the third game.

Drinks are courtesy of Shachar: say the word “drink” while standing near the east entrance and a bottle of named liquor will pop into your backpack.

Hundreds of UO players are on exhibit in the Hall Of Players. Come play bingo, visit with other players and remember old friends from the days of yore.

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