(Player Event) The Battle Armor Contest!

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The Battle Armor Contest!

Original post by Gilmour:


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
A carrying figure among our community, has commissioned me to find creative blacksmiths, tinkerers and artificers among the lands of Britannia.
He request to have a metal suit of armor made for him, And eager awaits the design of the smiths to provide one for him.
The suit to be made, must meet a few requirements.

-Must be 6 piece metal armor

-Can be any metal armor combination

-Any rarity of ingots can be used

-Dyes can be used, any kind

-You may add additional items, to emphasize the style, But he reserve his right to change those.

The winner will be found at an event on Sunday the 19th of August at 20:00 CEST/MESZ

 At Lord Blackthorn’s castle, at a table in the back.

By entering into the competition, You must also provide the same armor as above with stats at a later time.

The supplier of the winning design will get 5 million gold to cover the materials and hopefully a little something for their effort left from that.
The set with stats must include Ring and Bracelet.

The stats of the armor must include a combined total of:

-70 in all resists

-255/255 durability

The stats must be custom made for a pure warrior, a swordsman with parry, and without any magic casting skills, but using weapon specials.

You must post the combined stats on one of the following forums, before the event:

UO Stratics – Drachenfels Forum

UOB – English Forum

UO Forums – Knuckleheads forum

Knuckleheads’ Forums – Event Forum

The stats are taken into the consideration when a winner is picked as well.

If there is any doubts regarding this event or it’s requirements feel free to get to me In-game or on ICQ. Or post on one of the above mentioned forums. And i will happily answer them!
Blessed are those who make things


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