Gold, Silver and Bronze Awarded

August 12, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Gold, Silver and Bronze Awarded

The Great Lakes Games were indeed great and lasted for hours. A handful of early birds including Lady Jasmine, Lord Kiron, Ixtab, Tunna, Bristlebane, Lord Arrow of Yew and Lady Martyna Z’muir got a preview of the newly design podium and olympic flame for the games.

Lord Arrow commenting on the flame of the games


With the crowd gaining girth Princess Mirendel and Selkestral circled above the spectators and watchers alike signaling the beginning of the games and the lighting of the torch.


Next on the scene were Summer and Sparky, the hosts of the games. The first game was archery and many athletes took place in this game.

Bristlebane was the first athlete up for this game but it was the FCB Guild that was the strongest with Tunna taking the bronze and Aridas taking the silver. A Raging Panda took gold.

The next event was the rowing event with a short and long run, so two chances for the gold.

The third game was one of summoning.

Manx ( in blue in the middle ) trying his best to summon a polar bear


The summoning game was long and very close, not to mention exciting. It was a tie for the gold between Nille and SPARTACUS and  Nille got the gold after a tie breaker round.

The forth and last game was a running game. Even old Lady Lava ran this race. Needless to say I came in last. Running in six inch stilletos is not a good idea folks.

Finish line of the race



The closing ceremony was grand with winners taking the podiums and showing off thier bronze, silver and gold!

Though I love my archery the rowing game was exciting. In one rowing game Neptune took the gold, Martyna took silver and John took bronze. In the other rowing game the -Y- Guild was a heavy winner. To find out all the winners be sure to check the Awards Hall in a few weeks when it gets an update. There will be a special area highlighting these games.

Thank you again to our wonderful Great Lakes EMs for yet another memorable event.

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