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April 01, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

The stack of papers on Janel’s desk rivaled the large reapers of the forest even to the point of inspiring nightmares. She thumbed through the pile carefully, not wanting to add yet another task to her “to do list” by creating an avalanche. She looked around the second floor of the abbey and was amazed by the way everyone was working together to help the wounded, feed the hungry and whatever was needed. Observing was one of Janel’s favorite ways to pass time, her new workspace allowed her to do that unobtrusively.

With a start, she was brought out of her daze, as two soft furry paws covered her eyes. A smirk lit up her face as she exclaimed, “Could this be the ever sweet Cat Lxyen”? As the her eyes focused, she saw not one but two standing before her. Cat slid out from behind the desk to stand next to Striker, tail twitching, ears perked, looking very excited about something. She blurted out,” Madame Mayor, Striker here has an idea, he’d like to talk to you about?” Striker face wore an amused grin as she finished her sentence. “Lady Janel, we” he nodded toward Cat, “were talking about the perilous times Yew is in right now. Of course, we are not the only ones that notice this, but was wondering if you might help us to coordinate a food drive of sorts to help the citizens of Yew. Many I have come across all say the same: They need food, shelter, and care for their children: their families.”

Janel pondered the request briefly before replying, so many faces flashing in her mind of those she had encountered this very morn. “I think this is a grand idea, I would be honored to be included in such a venture. Let us bring this up at the next council meeting, I do believe it will be well received.” As she finished the last sentence her eyes lit up, “Oh. would you mind my parents cooridinating a healing post here? I know they would want to be involved as well as others from the Deep Forest.”

For the next few hours they sat making notes of supplies neccessary, people to contact and how to set the event in motion. After Cat and Striker took their leave with a promise to propose the idea to the council at it’s next session, Janel reclined in her chair and relaxed, something she had not done in quite some time. An adage she had read somewhere in her training rang in her thoughts, “Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has**.”
** Margaret Mead



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