Mesanna’s Event, Saturday 3-31-12

April 01, 2012 By: El of LA Category: Lake Austin News


I attended an EM event Saturday evening at the Britain EM hall along with a good number of other LA players.  The event was guest hosted by Mesanna!  As the event commenced, we were taken to a green grass-covered plain in a small valley and found ourselves facing a long marble wall dividing the field in half.


Telling us to dismount, stable our pets with the local stablemaster, and asking the gargoyles to please land and refrain from flying, we were all chosen one by one to enter a special zone along with wall where we were allowed into the walled-off portion three at a time.




Park your mounts and land!



Facing the wall of mystery!


Behind the lovely Springy pastel-colored doors and marbled partition we found three plain tables each topped with a specially-colored vase.  We each chose a vase and clicked it.


One of three fates awaited us.  The first was to die horribly, but quickly, struck down by a tremendous bolt of energy from the sky.  A second fate was to simply be booted out of the area, never to return.  The last fate, and the best one by far, was that you would find a marvelous flickering multicolored lantern magically placed into your pack.


Elessa the Scribe was not lucky on this day.  She received the most disastrous of outcomes losing fame and fortune – struck down in her prime-time reporting!  Oh cruel fate!


I’m sure those who survived and received their reward will be happy to show their marvelous lanterns off although I was not graced with a good view of anyone’s while I gathered my possessions as gracefully as I could and stumbled from the field.  I have already seen them advertised for sale proudly by recipients on General Chat!  Those people graced with great wealth will surely be able to meet the quoted asking prices! 😉


Until next time … I have some fame to go rebuild!

— El.

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