May 08, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Please join me on Sunday May 25th at 4:00 PM EST for a xshard player run event, I’ll be celebrating planting flowers at the New Magincia Gardens in a new and creative way. Whether you part take in the dating game or not, come and plant a memory. For those who are interested in more:

Do you have a hard time meeting people to spawn with? Wish you had someone to get your heals when you PvP? Are you shy, never know exactly what to say? Are you just tired of playing UO solo? Or perhaps you are in the mood for adventure, romance and fun? If so, please send me a message to sign up for Ultima Online’s first ever blind speed dating game. A completely anonymous way to meet and talk to a player you may never have met or considered getting to know. The process is simple.

All participants will be assigned a number, create a clever dating name if they have a free character slot or use a trial account, log in your newbie clothes to meet a player for a 10 – 15 minute conversation (example pictured below), then move on to meet someone else until everyone has met. If you enjoyed your conversation, you’ll write their name and number down to give me. At the end if both parties enjoyed getting to know each other, I will share your contact information only with your permission. If you didn’t enjoy it, don’t worry, just move on, no stress, no fuss. It’s just for fun.

Ladies in waiting will be placed strategically in remote romantic areas. Gents will be gated in to meet them one at a time. When the next gate opens, the guys will leave the ladies for the next location until everyone has met each other. After that is done the guys and gals will meet separately for a his and hers stag party to compare notes. Finally everyone will come together and finish in the New Magincia gardens to plant a seed in memory of the event.

I am Governor Nails Warstein, let me be your host and broker your fun! Allow me to shepherd you on a new romantic adventure while we explorer new relationships that might have passed us by completely anonymously. So don’t be prideful; humble yourself for a brand new UO experience. Send me your private messages or ICQ 150528775 to sign up today!


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