Perilous Inquirer – 45th Issue

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The Perilous Inquirer
Vol 1, 45th Issue
May 9, 2014

Shard Public Auction Sat 10 May.
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On cave wall prove to be early UO porn, according to noted archeologist, Tazar. “At first, we thought they were drawings of men attacking animals from behind with spears.”

Recent discovery of an Ancient Alien Map of our sector of the Milky Way galaxy explains why we see fewer interplanetary visitors these days. The map shows our solar system “X’d” out in great red splotches along with a (recently translated)  warning, “Here there be Humans!”

Elder Scrolls Online is a great quest game for those of us who love to “get stuff.” Gaining the next level and getting better gear becomes a manic quest of its own.
Yes, the ESO world is immersive & the story lines are engaging but I don’t care. I just  kill & rob & loot.
Ahhh, ESO is fun!

To receive a prize, be the first to go to the Trivia Monk on our steps & answer this question:
“What rabbit is the deadliest bunny in UO?”

Taurus Apr 20 – May 20
You will undergo profound changes because that parasite you didn’t know you swallowed yesterday is becoming aware.

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The Perilous Inquirer
Vol. 1, 45th Issue
3rd house on left out the Luna south gate.
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Free current issues are on the “News” steward. Free named liquors are on the “Booze” steward. Back copies are free on the shop named, “Siege Droppings.”
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Ace Reporter: Governor Lady Kattasrophe
Purveyor of Red Leaves: Dionysis
Deliveries: Doug The Fugitive

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