[Player Event] Election Night Hoopla! (Sat 14th)

September 12, 2013 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

All citizens of Sosaria are respectfully invited to…

Election Night Hoopla!

Date : Saturday 14th September.
Time : 8:00pm -> 12:00am EST
Place : Buccaneer’s Den
(Free runes and gates will be availible in West Britain Bank.)

Join us for all the thrills, spills, hangover pills as we count down the final hours of the City Elections with a party certain to make the local pirates wish they lived in a guard zone!

Locations & Events Of The Night
Buccaneer’s Den
(You may need to reload this if you cannot see all locations.)

A : The Election Headquarters!
This is the activity hub for all things election-y! As we burn through the last four hours of voting there will be an (almost) real-time display showing all the voting tallies from all nine cities. Interveiws with defending governors and fresh candidates will also be happening, along with the customary bottomless well of heated debate. Many of the names you see on the city election stones will be dropping by to meet the public and argue policy with their rivals. Grab yourself a chair, a brew, and kick back to enjoy the show!
B : Skara Brae & The Cartel Raffle!
The generous folks of Skara Brae & The Cartel are sponsoring a raffle open to all party-goers of the night. Be sure to head straight to their booth as soon as you arrive on the island and get your mitts around some tickets. There are several fabulous prizes to be had, with a draw going off every hour!
C : Vesper’s Varied Victuals and Vintages!
The town of Vesper will be taking care of all your liquor and nutritional needs for the night. They will be setting up a bar & bistro right there on the dock boardwalk. It is said they are able to cater for everything from the primal bar crawl to a classy dinner experience for two. You’ll find no better place to relax and take part in some good ol’ jaw wagging.
D : Toad Town : Event Skit Competition!
Toad Town members would like to invite players to join in our re enactment of Atlantic events story arc during this election night gala.
Players who wish to participate will pick their favorite EM Bennu event and perform a short skit. Performances will be judged on most original costumes and most original story arc.
Prizes will be:
50 mil – first place
25 mil – second place
15 mil – third place
+ Prizes for participation!
Current Entries
8:15 – Toad Towns re enactment of “The Time Lord and Addie”.
8:50 – Vesper Governor Khaleesi re enactment of “To Save The Trees”.
9:00 – Solus/Promethia (Governor Elect/Governor of Britian) – Unspecified Act.
E : Ozog’s Goblin Kissing Booth!
Who could resist a big wet one on the lips from cute little goblin guy? He’s been eating extra garlic and limburger, and hasn’t brushed in… forever! Get on over to this booth and score yourself some little dude lovin’. I hear he’ll go frenchie if you slip him something extra. ;)
F : Loy Hargil’s 100 Proof Poker!
Fancy yourself a card shark? Well grab a seat at the table and show us what you got! Loy Hargil is debuting a brand new take on this classic game of chance and skill. It’s winner takes all, and losers… well at least everyone gets free drinks.
G : The Scalis Pen!
For the full duration of the event we will maintain a containment in the bay area where you can bring your battle characters to fight Scalis and Leviathan. Resurrection will be available, and you’ll need it! Over 200 white nets have been gathered for the occasion. So there will be no shortage of targets, and no end to the chances of scoring yourself a High Seas Artifact!
H : The Emerald Trading Company Bazzar!
The world famous Emerald Trading Company will be setting up their vendor stands and trading in items of magic and mystery. Watch for coming announcements on where they will be located, or check the program book on the night for full details.
EXTRA : The Governor’s New Suit Challenge!
Proove yourself a real party animal by completing this mega challenge. Have you got what it takes to collect a full Governor’s Suit? There’s a prize waiting for you if you can! Pick up a copy of the event program book for full details on how to attempt this extremely hazardous and humiliating venture.

Hope to see you all there!


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