Hugibear, Possum draw clear

September 12, 2013 By: Alcor Stratics Category: Siege Perilous News

York maintains lead in Moonglow

With under two days of voting remaining, Hugibear has edged further ahead in the Britain governorship election. He now enjoys a 15-10 advantage over Sprago, up from the 11-9 of two days ago. Yes this is still only around 40% of the total turnout for the previous election, so there are clearly votes out there to be had. But the low-key approach by both candidates has done little to help their positions, and just a few appearances on the streets in the closing days may be enough to swing things decisively in their direction.

Meanwhile, in Minoc, where voting was deadlocked the other day, Possum has now moved out into a substantial lead given the low turnout. He is now reported to be ahead by either 8-4 or 10-5, a turn of events which has seemed to rattle his opponent, Ladra.

“Possum’s on the way to becoming governor,” she announced, “Sure you want that? Vote for me! Vote Ladra!”

Over in Moonglow, York’s release of his manifesto seems to have helped somewhat as he has now extended his margin over governor Sam to a fairly considerable 18-9. Yet the challenger is taking nothing for granted yet.

“I am not ruling out Sam,” he told me, “he has already come back at me twice.”

And finally, in New Magincia, the situation remains as it was on Wednesday, with Viscount Goop still not having lodged a single vote in his race against Morgan Ironfist. It caps what has so far been a disappointing election for the Eye-for-an-eye guild, with all three candidates behind to one extent or another.

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