[News] The Week-end Madness: Edition Number: XV

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The Week-end Madness

Edition Number: XV

Friday was Doomsday.


On Saturday City election has started.

Candidates to become governor of the towns can put them on the city stone.


In the evening a group of pirates plundered several merchant ships on the high seas


Sunday EM Borbarad had a few announcements.

The second reward hall is ready to be used.


EM Dramnar from Chesapeake helped with this task.

Anyone who got a suggestion for a sensible division of the individual reward section can do that in a mail to EM Borbarad.

[email protected]

The Poll decided for the name of our mascot.

Karli – Hüter der Zeit

The proposal with the most votes came from Elli.

Borbarad will build an enclosure where our mascot can move around in.

A new event has started , it is time to find the best fisherman of Drachenfels!

The fisherman with the most records of fish, crabs and lobsters will win!

The event is from today and last until 1 September 2013.

The fisherman will be awarded with a special title , which can be seen in its paperdoll!

The title will be rewarded by Mesanna!

All current records can be found here:

Drachenfels Fishers Hall of Fame

Then we went to help the three eyed general to return a jade serpent statue.


Trinsic seems to be free of the spider webs ….


But now Cove is covered in them!

We have not seen the last of Zalindera her followers!

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