[News] The Three, The Guardians

April 25, 2013 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

Last night, the Knights of the Crux Ansata were called to muster for the first time since having been disbanded by the Lord Dupre several months prior. We waited patiently in the throne room of Lord Blackthorn’s castle, for the King himself to appear. When he finally entered, he informed us that he had signed the Charter, reviving our Order. He then went on to explain that a friend of his had been sending him notes, though he was unsure of the message as they were encoded. He asked us to go with Lady Amandine and make an inquiry on his behalf, as even encoded; he could tell that these messages were urgent.

We were then sent outside to await Lady Amandine. She went into further detail, explaining that these messages were from the Governor of Nujel’m, and that they bore the symbolism of the Knights of the Crux Ansata. We then proceeded to Nujel’m, where we spoke with one Bet Trullio.

When we asked where to find the Governor, she explained that he had refused to leave the library for over a week. His daughter had found an old box that had belonged to his father, the contents with which he had become obsessed with. She pointed us south, in the direction of the library, and told us that nothing had been touched since Macius disappeared.

In the library there were several sheets of paper scattered about, Macius’ journal, an encoded book, and surprisingly, Addie’s childhood journal. In his own journal, Macius had written that he had deciphered the code, claiming it to be a prophecy. He had sent word to the King and Lady Amandine via coded messages, but not hearing anything in return, he had stolen Addie’s journal from the Gargoyles.

We spoke with the piece of Addie infused within his journal, and he proceeded to tell us a little about the great dragon, Cranus of the Tehom. He is a guardian of Sosaria, here to keep time from being unobserved. Without someone to observe its passing, the concept of time is Meaningless. He keeps the order, and is timeless, infinite. Born from the Primordial Waters known as the Tehom. Addie told us that if we were ready to seek the light of truth, to seek out Cranus.

Cranus of the Tehom was found in his usual place; the mountain pass to the west of Covetous. The great dragon spoke a little of the Tehom. The name for the nameless, there are those that call Void the beginning, they are wrong. Oblivion and Void are words for the nameless like Tehom, but their realities are far different. He spoke wisely, as one would expect, explaining that everything dies in its time. He echoed Addie, saying that he was to observe time and ensure that it forever marches forward. That such was his role. We were told that if Trullio was correct, he would miss us, but we were asked to not mourn him. Cranus told us that Trullio seemed convinced that the Crux Ansata would cause the great dragon to fall and that he had made his way to the Ankh dungeon. He also told us that the Xorinite were there. His final words to us were a warning. Be Wary. They have not forgotten you.

Next we ventured to the Ankh dungeon in search of Trullio. We eventually found him… Or what was left of him. The ghost seemed unaware of our presence, ranting and muttering to himself about an ancient temple and cornerstones. Trullio declared that the first duty of the ancient Order of the Crux Ansata was to protect Cranus, but they had destroyed their own temple. The cornerstones! All the power was in the Cornerstones! Three stones animated and became great guardians; the Three were to turn away any threat to him. He stated that we must destroy the Three, and that they must have taken the stones with them to the Underworld.  The place that became the home of the Knights of the Crux Ansata.

In the depths of the Underworld, we finally encountered the Three; the guardians, driven insane.  We spread ourselves out to combat them all, and though the battles were long, tiring and bloody, we emerged victorious. As the final of the Three fell, the Xorinite rifts began speaking. They announced that The Three Are Fallen! The Door is Open! They claimed that we had opened the door, and to tell the Immortal that they will come for it soon.

Have we done the right thing in destroying the Three, or have we made things worse?


Faeryl Tyr’athem
Knight Major of the Crux Ansata





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