[News] The Fall of Exodus

June 27, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

As humans, elves and gargoyles alike gathered at Lord Dupre’s camp outside of Trinsic Friday night, it was known that one of two scenarios would play out: either we would defeat Exodus, or we would die trying. Before Lord Dupre had even arrived though, those of us at the camp were attacked by the Overseers, Minions and Minion Lords of Exodus. Whether this was a preemptive strike in an attempt to weaken us or simply an act to deter us from our mission is unclear. Whatever the reason for their appearance, they were dispatched with little trouble.

Upon his arrival, Lord Dupre greeted us and began to speak of Exodus. He told us how Exodus was the spawn of Mondain and Minax, how he had never actually seen Exodus, and that we honestly weren’t even sure what this creature truly is. Our orders for the night were to destroy everything of Exodus that we found, machines and creatures alike. We were to leave nothing alive.

“We have no brothers of metal. To War! 

With a resounding cry we charged off for the Exodus Dungeon. Inside, we encountered not only the typical Enslaved Gargoyles, Controllers, Minions and Overseers, but also unimaginable quantities of Minion Lords and Betrayers. Many of those who were amongst the first to enter were overwhelmed, being forced to retreat and regroup. It wasn’t too long though before we managed to get a foothold inside the Dungeon and started pushing back the mechanical minions.

The cacophony of battle soon drew out even more mechanical creatures. Small Caretaker Constructs, larger Alpha, Beta and Gamma models of Minions, Electricity Elementals and Artificial People attacked from all sides. Progress to the command centre was slow, but with Lord Dupre’s constant urging, we steadily trudged onwards.

In one of the areas we encountered various models of Technomancy Constructs and Exodus Converts, as well as two Spawnlings of Exodus, all of which dropped surprisingly quick. In the silence that followed, Lord Dupre and the Knights carefully examined the command centre for any clues. While most of the area seemed normal, there was a noticeable metallic protrusion in one corner that warranted a closer inspection. It turned out to be rather brittle, and with a bit of digging, we uncovered a large, dark hole.

“Help me dig everyone. Something is hidden here!”

A tunnel. It led us directly into the once proud city of Ver Lor Reg, now dark and infested with machines of Exodus. Walls had been erected all over the city. Tall and strong, meant to keep us out. Unfortunately for Exodus, we don’t quit that easily. Hacking, slashing and casting upon these walls, they eventually began to succumb and crumbled to our power, unveiling another surprise. Exodus Dreadnaughts. Several of these Dreadnaughts occupied each small chamber created by those resilient walls. “All of these Exodus Dreadnaught’s must be defeated! Tear down the walls and destroy them! Attack the walls to get at the creatures within!” Lord Dupre’s commands could scarcely be heard over the commotion as the army spread out over the city, wiping out all in its path.

“There is the beast! There it is!”

The demonic machine that was Exodus towered over us all and seemed to take great pleasure in the pain it caused, with every blow forcing those who opposed it to retreat and tend to their wounds. Corpses of warriors, mages and pets alike littered the battlefield as we struggled to bring down the vile creature while at the same time avoid the dangerous vortexes it created to further harm us. The battle seemed to drag on for an eternity before quite suddenly ending. Exodus had fallen at last. We had won. Exhausted and battered, Lord Dupre picked up the weathered journal of Lord Blackthorn and we left the former gargoyle city and followed him to the Honour moongate.

Lord Dupre had barely begun to address us when he was interrupted by a brilliant flash of light. Looking for the cause, we quickly discovered that we had witnessed something inexplicable. Honour’s moongate had been fractured. Concerned, Lord Dupre explained that the demise of Exodus could trigger any number of unknown events, and decided we should immediately head back to the camp.

Arriving back at camp, Lord Dupre praised our victory, but also spoke of his fears. How there had seemingly been a sort of failsafe, and that we should all remain on our guard, as there would be no telling what could have been triggered by the demise of Exodus. He told us to be wary, look to each other and take care of our cities. With that, Lord Dupre raised his halberd high to the cheers that arose around him and declared:

“To Victory! To Victory! To Victory! To Victory!”

I too believe we should keep our guard up. When speaking with Lord Adamu  mere days before this battle, he warned us that defeating Exodus would cause a tear to open in the fabric of our world. One he could not stop. This could prove dangerous. He also mentioned that when honour is torn, so shall the world break. Could Adamu have been referring to the fracturing of the moongate? Or something else?

Safe journeys until next muster.

Faeryl Tyr’athem
Atlantic News Reporter
Knight Major of the Crux Ansata

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