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Sweet Sixteen!

It is hard to believe but Ultima Online is celebrating its 16th Anniversary!

It all started on 24 September 1997.

The Stratics team , With Tia taking the lead, and the UO Team worked together to give the players a well deserved party for this occasion.

It all started with a speech from Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong , Saying how great it is to work on Ultima Online and although offers for other jobs, she is glad she is here with us.

But the most important part of her speech she said at the end…

“This is got to be The Best Game on the Market”


And you know… she is right!

Ultima Online is far from perfect… But it is Freedom it many ways!

She also thanked her wonderful Team , Kyronix, Bleak, Misk and Several EM’s that came to help us with the party.

Then it was time for the first event: The Scavenger Hunt.

After taking a Purple bag and Robe they had to click on the Clue Master to get the book with the clues to find the items.


After going trough the gate the ended up in the hedge maze.

It took a while for the first players find all of the 11 items that where hidden in the maze.

The Result:

Scavenger Hunt

1st Place – Kings Collection – Solus of Atlantic
2nd Place – Raised Garden Beds (3) – Bon Ivor of Atlantic
3rd Place – Undertakers Staff – Sam Vam of Drachenfels


The crowd had grown to join the party.

It was time for the Fool Hardy event at the east stage.

I must say, players can be very creative!


After all the contestants did their act the jury had a difficult task to do.

But here are the results:

Fool Hardy

1st Place – Unique Dye – Blackrock Hue – Tokuno Style – Holly Bloodhand, Ash the Necromanceer and Dead Shipmate
2nd Place – Forged Metal Tool – DescWing of Drachenfels
3rd Place – 15th Anniversary Robe – Eiodolon of Atlantic

Then it was time to reveal the winners of the other contests.

Story Contest

The Entries
1st Place – Mesanna’s Wig – Story #4 – Lady Ivy of Chesapeake
2nd Place – Mesanna’s Bustier – Story #11 – Soar of Atlantic
3rd Place – Mesanna’s Whip – Story # 8 – Alexander of Atlantic

Cultural Center Design Contest

The Entries
The winner:
Miss Echo of Oceania
will have her design built on the shard of her choice with her name as the designer

Then we moved to the west stage for the Trivia Event.


Two players went in, A question was asked and the first who answered the question fastes and right went on to the next round.

After several rounds that one player was clearly the one with the most knowledge.

He won a fantastic price!

Trivia Contest

A grandfathered castle In Malas Placed By Mesanna
Holly Bloodhand

Then we got a magic show from Heckles the Magnificant!


Mesanna had a look at the stars and saw Death was coming to all!

But it seemed some where lucky not to get killed!

When all events where done it was time to Party!

The rumor say that the party went on for hours!

Thanks too all who made this wonderful party happen.

And i hope we can celebrate the 17th next year again with ALL of you!

Who missed it all can still look how it all went thanks to our mobile camera team!

Videos from the UO 16th Anniversary Party.


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