[News] Saving Winter Wonderland!

January 05, 2014 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

(This event was originally scheduled for the 21st)


The citizens of Baja received word on Thursday, December 19, 2013 to meet at West Britain Bank, Trammel.  There we meet Wonderland Fairy who requested our assistance in saving the winter wonderland of Baja.  Apparently snow fairies create the snow that blankets the ground this time of year.  Their snow making machine has been broken by a group of evil creatures called Humbuggers. 




She told us to go to the Eastside Park in East Britain and we would find the way into the snow fairy’s secret area.  Located there was a magical device which teleported us to the secret cave where the snow is made.




Within the secret cave, a machine called a heat dispenser (activated with the word “humbug”) acted as another magical transport device and teleported us to one of the secret desert areas of Malas.  There we encountered Mobile Snow Melters and BahHumbugs who were working with the Humbuggers. 




Finally the BahHumBoss appeared and after it was defeated, the Wonderland Fairy declared that we had saved the winter wonderland and that the portal was closed.  We returned to West Britain Bank and were directed to return to the Eastside Park.  There we found EM Crysania’s Toy Chest as a thank you for our efforts.



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