[News] Rat Queen Defeated!

January 05, 2014 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

On Saturday, November 30, 2013, we meet Grindylow the Hag at West Britain Bank, Trammel to resolve the city of Britain’s water issues.




We were directed to find the Old Rat Gardener located at the Poison Water Plant Garden in the Rat Village Ruins located near the Sacrifice Shrine in Ilshenar.





The Old Rat Gardener was very unhappy with his assigned task and helped us with information regarding the Rat Queen.  He told us about a shrine to the Rat Queen, which was located due north along the mountains.  In addition he gave us the words that would activate the shire.  They were “RUKCKO CHARUCH KYRK TT!”





Grindylow and the Rat Queen had a discussion which ended with the Rat Queen saying “As You Wish.”  Everyone including Grindylow knew that that was not a good sign.  Almost immediately after that, the Rat Queen’s army appeared including Rat Queen Guards and Defenders, Mutated Rat Wardens and Poison Water Plant Bugs.





After defeating her army, we engaged and defeated the Rat Queen herself.





We returned to the Old Rat Gardener and gave him the curative waters to start the processing for curing the waters.



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