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March 18, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

Grand Opening!

I was invited to the grand opening of the Blackrock Casino.

I could not let something like this go pass by without to have a look myself to a opening of establishment that not happens often.

There would be runes around the bank to go to the casino but i decided to go to it trough the teleporters hub in New Magincia.

The teleporter took me right in to the Casino.

There i was welcomed by the owners and the employees of the establishment.

On this first night we all had a free chance on the many slot machines.

The slot machines are available for everyone 24 hours a day.

I saw several players at a table where they would play a little with the dices.

But before i could gamble ,i changed some gold into smaller checks for the games.

There where several games to try but i decided ,like many other gamblers,to play some Blackjack.

I did not do too bad on the first attempts but keeping gambling got high risks.

Some of us lost and some of us won some gold but i guess that’s how it all works in a casino.

I tried my luck on a new table, maybe i would win a little more there.

It was clear that people where having a really good time.

I noticed a special High Roller Club for the really lucky gamblers that play very often.

Later on the evening there would be a raffle.

You could buy some tickets and get some nice prices.

Raffle prizes and winners:

1) Tangle – DetoX Inc (36)

2) Golden Cristallized Essence – Valen (70)

3) Armor of Fortune – Robina (77)

4) Khaldun Light – TanAge (30)

5) Bedroll Wrong – TanAge (84)

6) Ethy Horse – Tanage (74)

7) 25 Stat Scroll – Valen (27)

8)  Small Rares – Nicodemus (32)

9) Bless Deed – Valen (42)

10) Flaming Head Deed – Nature (56)

11) 115 Magery PS – Aulbrey Loveless (51)

12) Oak Leaf Shroud – TanAge (91)

13) Darkwood Armor – FireKitten (6)

14) Virtue Armor – TanAge (3)

15) 2 Furs – TanAge (87)

I was getting tired but i could not resist to have a look at the roof.

Its a very nice big chessboard.

This first opening evening looks like a big success.

And i was told some big prices where won on the slot machines too.

The following amounts was won on the slot machines: 2,5m ,2*500k + 100k.

I heard that the special evenings could be hold in the casino every two weeks, maybe more often depending on the success.

I know i will be visit this place again and i can only recommend everyone to try it too!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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