Mesanna’s St. Patrick’s Day Game of Death

March 18, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Mesanna’s St. Patrick’s Day Game of Death

March 17th the anniversary of Lilavieve and Carrick, a day to remember. This year we were all invited to celebrate this day with the mixed race lovely couple and to meet within the walls of the hall in Brit. Many were excited to join in on this day some arriving very early as not to miss a thing including Martyna Z’muir, Lady Witchlynn, Alusriel Harper, Princess Amara, Wubdagog, Sir Joe and JINX to name a few.

Pigeons from the one and only Mesanna started flying all over the land informing one and all to meet.

The hall was over flowing with humans and other races abound when we found out those old lovers Lilavieve and Carrick decided to skip their own anniversary celebration for a romantic get away. Really now, who could blame them. Many in the group were dressed in green for the day. Below are a few of them.

 With the anniversary celebration called off this gave Mesanna, with the help of our amazing EMs, the opportunity to play one of her demented and deadly games. A magical gate opened and everyone was transported to a very green place. So green it had rolling blarney stones!

It was a game of chance and a game of death for 1/3 of all that attended. Three at a time were selected to stand infront of three brightly colored doors.  Mesanna opened the doors when all three were in place. Each person then had to pick one of three tables that displayed a oddly colored vase. One click on the vase and you were rewarded with a gift or POOF you were dead. The first to die in this perverse game was…..Lord Krauser. He was the first but not the last.

After your death or reward you were transported to a distant land. Poor old Lady Lava saw death, one of the unlucky 1/3.  The reward was a lovely blinking lantern of most unusual color. To my shock and delight some kind person locked one of these lanterns on my doorstep this morning. They probably felt sorry for me or just hated seeing such an old lady die infront of such a large crowd. The shame of it all ! Thank you kindly to whomever left this for me. I appreciate it greatly.

Lantern from St. Patty's event on Lady Lava's Luna Manse steps


This was a great event/game. I overheard many people voice pleasure that there was an event that did not include hunting/fighting. Needless to say many a crafter and bank sitter had a smile on thier face. Thank you Mesanna and EMs !

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