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July 04, 2013 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News


Fishing Event Deadline

There were some comments about the running fishing event, concerning the entry of record fish, I will discuss this topic briefly here.

Some fishermen have the opinion that there should be a maximum deadline for freshly-caught record fishes.

That means that a fish must be returned within a certain period of time to be included in the event.

This would prevent that a fisher hold the fish till the end of the event to break several records at once.

I suggested to run a vote about this, but after I thought about it I came to the conclusion that this is not practicable.

Several reasons have led me to decide against a deadline.

A: I cannot check exactly when a fish were stored in the mailbox

B: I cannot guarantee that I have time every day to look in to the mailbox

C: There can be reasons why you do not have the opportunity to submit your catch

These are the reasons why I don’t want a deadline.

It would be nice if everyone would submit his fish close to the catch date to ensure a dynamic event.

Finally, the currently top three fishermen on Drachenfels.

1st place: Paul Bocusse with 14 records

2nd place: Allanon with 12 records

3rd place: Tony Fisher with 5 records

Kind regards

EM Borbarad


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