(EM Event) A Midsummer Night’s Dream

July 04, 2013 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

kapika the fairy felt it uneasy, seeing Orie the girl who becomes thin day by day.
Orie’s body got hot like fire,she want drink water.She will also lose her energy to drink water.
The illness is not prevailing this year. There is little rain and it is dry this year,however it’s normal.

Pikapika went to outside to see at Vega and Altair the stars. What’s happen? Tonight,forest was dark and queited.She ran toward the lake. She arrieved,no starlit sky and lake…there was corpes of a lot of fish and it was stinking.

7/5(Fri) PM9:00 ~ (Izumo)
PM10:00 ~ (Mizuho)

7/6(Sat) PM8:00 ~ (Yamato)
PM9:00 ~ (Mugen)
PM10:00 ~ (Wakoku)

7/7(Sun) PM8:00 ~ (Sakura)
PM9:00 ~ (Hokuto)
PM10:00 ~ (Asuka)
*JST time

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