[News] December City Elections!

December 08, 2013 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

It’s December, and once again the City Elections are upon us! It’s time for you, the citizens of Britannia, to vote for your city’s Governor! To cast your vote, simply seek out the City Stone in your respectful city, view the list of candidates, and pick the one you feel would best serve your city. The locations of the stones are marked on the maps below. Hurry before time runs out!
The candidates per city are:

Britain: Bacchus, Solus, Oogugbu, I Suck U Rock

Jhelom: Queen Arya, Festus of Noon

Magincia: Andrasta, Swift, Ma Nerva, Horizon

Moonglow: Willow, Uncle Sy, Sir Patrick, Daphnie, Art Of Collegium

Minoc: Yosef, Chloe Belladonna

Skara Brae: Tatiana Thorn, Sabella

Trinsic: Lew, Captn Norrington

Vesper: Khaleesi

Yew: SunWolf, William.Wallace


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