[News] A Rift In Time

August 02, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

On the 15th of July, Adamu met with the Knights in order to garner more information about the Honour moongate rift. After a brief interruption resulting in a display of his powers, Adamu got down to the matter at hand. He believed the moongate was a rift in the fabric of space time, which could possibly allow people and creatures from other realities and layers of existence to pass through into our time.  He was concerned that every time there was a hiccup in space time of another world; it could result in them being sent to our world.

We were told that things could come through looking to fight, however, there was also a chance that benevolent people or creatures could be sent through and trapped. Adamu asked us where they would go, and tasked us with investigating the area around the moongate, to learn what we could, and to meet him afterwards.

Following Adamu’s advice to check the area around the gate, we discovered that a nearby inn had been infested with ghosts of Magincia. After most of the ghosts were eradicated, Magincian citizens began to appear. Much to their horror, and the shock of a few of our own number, many of the Knights began to ruthlessly slaughter them as well. Innocent blood continued to be spilled amidst the frightened pleas to stop, but it wasn’t until the death of a benevolent dragon that the bloodbath finally ended. The sole survivor of the massacre was one Genna Wellings; a healer of Magincia, and the mother of Adamu.

Angered and afraid, Genna ran back to the Honour moongate, claiming that she wouldn’t fight us and demanding that we leave her alone. She told us that they hadn’t asked to come here, that they’d been having a party in an old noble’s house in Magincia and suddenly they were here. 

When asked about the ring she wore, Genna told us it had been a gift from her husband, her wedding ring. When Adamu’s name was mentioned, she seemed confused, not knowing who he was. She explained that she was only a newlywed, and had no child. She told us that the ring had belonged to her husband’s father, Reshan, and before him Arrion, and Galt before him. She didn’t seem to know anything about the ring, aside from it having been an heirloom, and that she was to give it to her son, if she were to have one.

We told her that Magincia had been destroyed, and that we knew her son. Not believing us, she asked to know why she should trust us after having watched the Knights kill the unarmed Magincians and the dragon.  She demanded that we take her to Magincia to prove that we spoke the truth, and we obliged, leading her safely to the Humility moongate and to the once proud city that had been her home.

Upon our arrival on the island, Genna did not seem convinced. She told us that this was not Magincia, and we explained that it was in fact New Magincia, and the city she remembered had been destroyed.  It wasn’t until we arrived at the bank, the sole surviving building of the city that had once been, did she seem to realize that she was indeed in Magincia, and that was when her pain started.

Genna doubled over, crying out from the pain in her stomach. Between screams she told us that she felt as though she was fading, being carried away by the wind. As we contemplated what could be wrong, Genna spoke up and told us that not even her husband knew she was pregnant, and asked us how we could have known. We told her that we had helped raise Adamu, and that she hadn’t survived the destruction of Magincia. Her pain continued, she skin turning ashen, she begged us to get her home. Moving quickly, we took her back to the Honour moongate where, just before she fell into the rift, she asked us to tell her son that she loved him.
When we reported back to Adamu in Britain, he became outraged that no one had tried to find him before his mother had gone back into the rift. We attempted to explain the situation with little luck, and were blown off in his anger. We followed him to the Honour moongate where we tried once again to explain the events, and how there hadn’t been time to seek him out, as Genna had been dying.

It was when he heard that Genna had been pregnant that confusion won over Adamu’s anger and disappointment.  After talking to himself for a few minutes, he asked us where we had taken her. Explaining that we had taken her to Magincia as she’d asked, Adamu told us that her grip on life had weakened because we had taken her to the place she’d died. He finally seemed to understand that we hadn’t known what would occur, and that we really hadn’t had enough time to go find him. Genna would have perished had we not gotten back to the rift immediately.

After a couple moments of listening to the Knights, Adamu asked us about the dragon. Genna had mentioned that her name had been Raym, which was of some interest to both Adamu and several of the Knights. It is known that the Ouroboros ring that had belonged to one Claudia Raym was recently discovered in her cave, meaning Raym might have known something that could potentially have helped us.

For now though, it’s likely best to focus on attempting to repair the rift before any irreversible damage can occur as a result of its existence.

Faeryl Tyr’athem
Atlantic News Reporter
Knight Major of the Crux Ansata

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