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The Baja Olympics
EM Crysania

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Come one! Come All! The first annual Baja Olympics have begun!

Are you the strongest on the shard? Are you a legendary Demon Tipper?

Perhaps Diving is your forte? Have you summoned more polar bears than you can count? Does your arrows fly faster and straighter to hit their mark than any others? Does it feel when your riding your trusty Horse that it runs as if it has wings?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, Come test your skill at the Baja Olympics!

Categories are:

1) Demon Tipping- Tip your demon the fastest!

2) Polar Bear Summoning- Can you summon the most polar bears in a set amount of time? ( NO Tali of summoning permitted)

3) Horse Race Road Course- Run your trusty stead through the road course

and be the first back to win!

4) Synchronized Diving- Teams of 3- Try your hand at diving in synchronization with your team members!

5) Archery- Do you have the best aim? Can you hit the bulls eye?

6) Strongman/Strongwoman Competition

The Baja Olympics will be held at the Baja Awards Hall and Museum. Gate will be provided from Luna and West Brit Bank.

Date: 8/4/12

Time: 7pm Pst

To sign up. Please post below, or send a email to me, Your host for the evening at [email protected]

Hope to see you there!

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