Mesanna Visits the Legends’ Herders

September 30, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

Armondo Pascal called for yet another meeting to discuss the events surrounding the Mythical Sea Dragons.  Armondo explained that the possibility of Mario the pirates escape was very real.  Armondo also seemed to have lost some of the Bal Thron and Mythical Sea Dragon scales that followers had gathered weeks before.  His only explanation was that Mario was responsible.  The full abilities of these scales is still unknown but Armondo believes the two different scales, Bal Thron and Mythical Sea Dragon, can balance each others powers out.  He also noted that the two younger Dragons, Icy and Fiery, may also have the same balancing factors.  He then advised Legends to keep the two sea dragons close together, if possible, in case the powers do indeed need to be balanced.  This will require the herding of the two dragons to a safe place for holding and observation.  Serpents Hold was suggested and seems to be a logical place to keep them because its natural water ways make it very easy to contain the dragons.  Because of the escape of the last infant sea dragon Armondo advised everyone to keep a very close eye on the remaining dragons to ensure their safe keeping.  The chance of Mario butting his ugly head in to disrupt the dragons is very possible.

  After the meeting Armondo gathered seven followers who had collected and turned in both a fiery and icy coral.  The corals seemed to be products of the feedings from both the younger dragons and their gathering was a difficult and deadly task.  Mesanna then appeared and with her powers awarded those seven followers with special titles to honor their hard work.

After the meeting it was discovered that the icy dragon had developed into a full grown sea dragon.  We can only assume the fiery will soon follow and become an adult. 

The most important thing to do now is to herd all the dragons to Serpents Hold and keep an eye out for Mario the pirate.  If you wish to help my suggestion would be to seek out one of the seven herders who have been deeply involved in the event.  They are as follows: Erigo, Alice Wonderland, Spelosty, Seledor, Bearded McNuge, Jedediah McNuge and Luc.  There are several other people who have valiantly spent their time helping in this event so ask your friends, neighbors, guild mates and alliance members to fill you in on what is happening.  Always watch for new lanterns placed by the EMs for upcoming events on the sea dragons and good luck to those who continue to press on with this event.

Looks like the icy and fiery coral that was turned in by the sea herders has found a new home!

With the maturity of the Fiery Sea Dragon Legends now has four adult mythical sea dragons.  All the dragons have been herder to Serpents Hold for futher observation.  Make your way to the docks on the eastern side of Serps Hold to catch a glimpse of these creatures and don’t forget to attend the meeting tonight, 10/3 @6pmEST.

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