Catskill Wins The Treasure Hunt

September 30, 2011 By: Sosaria Reels Category: General News

Catskill Wins The Treasure Hunt

Kai Schober

30 Sep 2011 14:31:50 EST

Here ye, here ye! We have a winner!

In a contest marked by equal parts of conflict and cooperation, camaraderie and contention, the Challengers of Catskills have defeated Sonoma to be crowned Champions of the Cross Shard Treasure Hunt Challenge!

In a match that was neck and neck until the end, the Blue Beetles won the day over the Pink Elephants of Sonoma and will be bringing home the championship trophy to Catskills. The victorious team of Llewen Faerlyght, Haslehoff, Arwen, Underpants Gnome, and Dr. Sucio were selected to represent their Shard during a preliminary in the month leading up to the Challenge – a competition between Shards held on neutral ground in order to determine a fair winner.

Some would contest the result, however, as this Challenge saw both teams targeted by unwanted attention in the field from non-competitors. This, combined with a false start and a subsequent penalty to the Catskills team led to the match being delayed and restarted mid-way through. Both teams stayed focused, however, and fought through the delays and distractions.

“What can I say? I’m a good treasure hunter,” Sucio, the captain of the Blue Beetles explained, “and we have a phenomenal team. We kept our eyes on the prize, and in the end found a way to win.”

It doesn’t hurt to have a little luck along the way, teammate Arwen acknowledged, “It was a tough draw for the Sonoma team on that last map. They were right there with us…I think we caught a small break with a little bit easier of a final map, and we didn’t waste the opportunity,” she said, referring to the randomness of the locations of each treasure chest.

Speaking for the Pink Elephants, Sonoma’s own EM Sangria praised her team’s enthusiasm and effort, “I couldn’t be prouder of the way they prepared and came together as a team. They set an example all Sonomans should be proud of…they put up a tremendous fight.”

On the subject of the Catskills team, she offered a few words, “ They are good, no doubt about it. They won today, but I don’t know if I would say they are necessarily the better team.” She stated, before continuing with a smile, “We intend to issue a challenge again very shortly. We didn’t stay Champions for over a year simply to bow out after meeting with a little adversity.”

While Sonoma prepares for an effort to reclaim their title, the Catskills team will likely face a new foe very soon.

“The rules and procedure for the Challenge are still evolving,” EM Barnaby explained, “but one thing is certain – when you are the one on top, everyone is going to take aim at you. The Blue Beetles and all of Catskills should rejoice in a hard fought victory, but a new Challenge comes soon, and they need to be prepared.”

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