Meet Lord Garion Govenor of Jhelom

August 07, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

governor of Jholm

I was able to meet with Govenor Garion after the town council.  He agreed to grant an interview.

“Thank you, Governor Garion for allowing me to interview you.”

“It is my pleasure, Tamais.” he replied.

“My first question is why is your city special to you?”

Governor Garion thought and said with pride, ” As the city of warriors, Jhelom has faced many challenges from invasions
and pirates. We have always come out stronger. But while we are known for Dupre and our fighting pits, we have a
rich culture in our islands from farmers to bards.

My second question is related to the one you just answered.  How is your city  unique?”

“We are an island city known for our fighting pits where hearty warriors train for battle, our farms, our navy to
battle pirates, and our cultural pursuits.” he explained

“What is your vision for your city?”

“To try to make it a more vibrant city for which the citizens will be proud. As an island city, we cannot grow as big as other cities, but I want
to see Jhelom known for more than warriors and fighting.” he stated.

“This next question was submitted to me by citizens of Britannia looking for a new home.  Has your city entered into trade deals with any guild and other cities?”

” Yes, We have negotiated agreements in the past with the warrior and assassins guilds. Both guilds have raised the price of their trade deals  so we have been unable to recently due to the costs.  Now we spend more time cooperating with the city of Skara Brae raising funds for the various city treasuries in weekly adventures .”

“Now for more personal questions.” I asked with a smile.

He winked as he replied , “As long as I can not answer some questions.”

Laughing, I reassured him that the questions would not be embarrassing.  “Where were you born?”

” Long ago, I was born in the city of tamers and rangers, Skara Brae. ”

“And how  long were you  a citizen of Skara Brae? ”

“I lived in Skara Brae for almost 15 years ago. I moved to Jhelom when  warriors and tamers were needed to help protect the city.”  his eyes held a sadness when he answered.

Quickly I asked a question that wouldn’t bring back memories of a war long past. “What was your job before you took the office of Governor?”

“I am the guild master of the UMP guild, the Universal Melting Pot (UMP).  It is one of the longest running guilds in  the lands of Britiania.

I am also  the guild’s trainer. However, I do have an affinity for tamer and pets.” he replied giving his mount a treat.

“Knowing you are needed else where, this will be my last question for now. Is there anything you wish to say to the citizens of Britiania?”

“We welcome all those who wish to visit or become citizens of Jhelom. The people in these lands are quite friendly and are always
willing to help out people in need in whatever activity. Do not hesitate to seek them out when you need help. After all, with good friends, you
can accomplish most any challenge in the lands.  Now I must return to my duties.” Bowing, he said.

“Thank you so much for sharing with the citizens of both Jhelom and Britiania.  Be safe in your journeys.” I returned his bow.

With a wave, he recalled  back to his city.



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