[Fiction] Meanwhile in Felucca..

October 17, 2011 By: Kayne Category: Europa News

Lord Herbert Luxford prodded the roast on his plate with his fork. The food was still hot and while it smelled delicious, he wasn’t hungry. With a bored look on his face he stared into the fountain.

“These dinner parties are so exceedingly boring!” Lord Luxford thought, “And desert is still hours away…”

Lord Luxford looked around the table. All the plush and nobility of Nujel’m had gathered at the palace to celebrate the birthday of Harry, Lord Luxford’s son.

The Mayor’s wife leaned over and said: “He turned in to a fine young man, your son.”

“Yes, a young man at last,” Lord luxford thought, “the time has come for him to help me out with my little… Project. The boy has a keen eye, he can recruit the people I need for my plans.”

For a brief moment a predatory smile played across his face. Then he turned towards the woman and replied: “Yes, he’s a chip of the old block!”

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